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If you know of any blogs from the Scottish Islands that are not part of Island Blogging please post them here and I’ll add a link thereby extending the Scottish Islands virtual community

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  1. stromnessdragon says:

    Here’s an archaeologist tour guide friend of mine!

    This chap used to do BBC Island Blogging:

    The two above are connected to people with business, but this one isn’t. Unusual blog - New Zealander living in Orkney, I think he’s a lay preacher of some description.

    I’ve just looked at his latest - think he’s leaving!

    Anyway, that’s three from Orkney to consider :-)

  2. Thanks. The first two are in. I’ll keep an eye on the kiwi one, not much point in including it if he’s going home.

  3. What about that one?

  4. Thanks Calum, have now included that one.

  5. Harryd(Canada) says:

    Hi Les, I just read Hermits last blog and could not leave comment. Just wanted to wish her the best and feel sad about situation. People can be pretty cruel. Too Bad.

  6. Ditto to Harryd … such a shame that narrow petty behaviour can disrupt a life. Best wishes to Hermit.

  7. Since 2002 Taransay has become the spiritual home of the Fidhleirean Eilean and Fhraoich or “The Fiddler’s of the Heather Isles.” As each year, over 60 fiddlers gather to learn new tunes and enjoy each other’s company! And a nicer, more welcoming bunch of people you will never meet!

    This week of fiddling, rivals the best fiddle camps around the world because of the high class of tuition offered by the professionals who come and teach us morning, noon and night. But more than that, much more than that… The solidarity and uniqueness of being stranded on this most beautiful of the Hebridean Islands with those who adore fiddle music and share the possibility of a week’s intensive opportunity to improve their skills builds a community spirit which binds us together!

    Of course, we have other distractions too!!! The excellence of Hebridean home baking, light liquid refreshment (as well as Tea) and a good dose of hilarity and nonsence is what keeps us all returning on this pilgrimage year after year!

  8. Hello there, fellow islanders. Could I request being added to your list of ‘other island bloggers’ please. I started my blog when I moved to Bute just a year ago and don’t want to change the address. On reading some of your contributors from far flung more northern islands mine could perhaps be described as ‘island living lite’. Have a look and see what you think -
    Thanks, Isabel

  9. Your blog has been added to the ‘Independent Island Blogs’. You are welcome to join IB if you want a wider audience - you can always transfer all of your previous posts across.

  10. To D Morrison—happy to hear you have a such a good time on Tarnasay(or anywhere else in bonnie scotland—its good that one can think of the island in other terms of “survivor”(never seenbut heard so many negative comments)
    Also to Isabel,welcome to the site from an ex(illegal)island blogger)

  11. Hi- please could you include my blog from North Uist on your site. Many thanks!

  12. I came across this one from Orkney

    and also this one

    and from Fair Isle

  13. Glen Rutherford says:

    Hi Les….

    I have just started a blog “The Surge of the Sea” based around Gt Bernera, which can be found here . It would be great if you could add it to the list of independent blogs.

    I have only just found this Island Blogging HQ site….great work. I have stuck a linky to here on my blog also.

    Many thanks

  14. Glen, your site added as requested. Look forward to reading what you have to say about the west side of the island.

  15. I’m a bit confused here - are only certain people allowed to suggest blogs? As you’ve responded to Glen very quickly but completely ignored the blogs I suggested.

  16. I saw someone viewed my blog from here and yes you should have a look at my Fair Isle Blog this post was one of my favs
    If you want to know how 3 American moved to the most remote inhabited island in the UK check out this post.

  17. Try this blog from the Isle of Colonsay

  18. I have put a link to your blog site on our facebook page - Heb Isle

  19. Is it possible that our blog can be added to your independent blog page please?

  20. Island at the Edge now added - nice blog!

  21. Thanks Les…

  22. thelandlady says:

    Can you put a link to mine please Les?

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