If you’ve got the travel bug, also known as wanderlust, there are probably a few different places you’re dying to visit. Why not start with the big cities? The following big cities are all unique and exciting in their own way – everyone should visit at least once!

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is full of lively and interesting markets for you to get souvenirs to take home. Not only that, you can sample the culinary delights that Brussels has to offer! Great if you have an apartment with a kitchen, as you can cook up some traditional dishes. If you don’t fancy cooking, buy a few things so you can throw together a sandwich and head to one of the popular parks.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is full of tourists, so if that’s a problem for you then you might feel put off. However, it’s still a worthwhile place to visit. There are a ton of things for you to do, from Dublin Zoo to the Guinness Factory. Even if you don’t drink Guinness, it’s still a really fun and educational tour to take.



New York, USA

New York, AKA the Big Apple, is one of the top places for food, shopping, and nightlife in the entire world. If you’ve got a big budget, then this should be the first place you go to. You can shop in places like Bloomingdale’s, or find bargains in flea markets. When you’re hungry, head to a 5 star restaurant or buy a slice of pizza. Head over to Time’s Square at night time to get in amongst the action!

London, England

London is such a diverse city, there’s something for everyone there. Make sure you buy an Oyster card so you can get your tube travel for a fraction of the price – you must get on the underground, as it’s all part of the experience. You will want to walk sometimes though, so you can explore and see everything that London has to offer. There are famous markets, like Camden, outdoor cinemas, and pretty parks to relax in. You so much choice for accommodation, but I know Carlton Court is a firm favourite among regulars. Unique restaurants and fabulous shopping opportunities too! If you love the theatre, you’ll love seeing a show here.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is known for being one of the world’s most laidback countries. They’re all about working hard and playing hard too! Here in Sydney, you can see amazing architecture, galleries, and gardens. Head over to Bondi beach for a day of relaxing, or go to the zoo to see some amazing animals.

Shanghai, China

There’s something really relaxing about Shanghai. While of course it’s a city full of hustle and bustle, the attitude of many of the locals can really rub off on visitors. It’s a great place to experience a culture outside of your own country. Go to the Jade Buddha temple and meditate, or head to one of the beautiful gardens and relax. There are plenty of markets and opportunities for shopping too!



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its diverse culture. On the one hand, it’s a very sophisticated place full of interesting history and galleries. On the other, it can be construed as a little seedy thanks to the red light district and legal marijuana coffee shops that you might find to be home to a long-haired and care-free stoner smoking from one of the shop’s huge bongs daily. You really do need to see it for yourself before you pass judgement – it’s one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world. The canals themselves are an UNESCO world heritage site!

Venice, Italy

Venice has a bunch of canals too, except you must take a legendary gondola ride on them if you’re with a partner. A cheaper option is to take a water taxi, but you may only get one opportunity to do this in your life! There are beautiful bridges, churches, and other forms of amazing architecture to see too!

Cannes, France

In cannes you’ll find beaches, museums, and markets but that isn’t all. Cannes film festival is a huge deal that has been around for years, so be sure to attend this if you can! You’ll get the chance to spot lots of celebrities and see previews of upcoming films. If the film festival isn’t your thing, there are so many other things to do so it’s still worth a visit!

Munich, Germany

Munich is another beautiful city filled with castles and amazing architecture. Visiting an English garden might seem a little silly in Germany, but it’s beautiful and so worth a visit.

Visit these cities at least once in your life and you’ll be glad you did. Leave any of your thoughts below in the comments section!