New Year brings with it a new start. If you class yourself as a bit of a travel lover, there are some things you just have to do on your overseas adventure. To help make 2016 incredibly memorable, we have come up with 10 travel New Year’s resolutions you should make next year.

Tick One Big Travel Adventure Off Your List

Think about all the things you’ve wanted to do and all the places you’ve wanted to visit, write them down and decide what big adventures are achievable. It could be as simple as visiting the Colosseum in Rome or an epic journey across Route 66 for an unforgettable road trip.

Learn More About Geography

What do travellers do? They travel, of course. When you first start to travel, you will probably head to popular destinations such as Australia, France of the United States of America – but there’s also so many other cultures you just have to explore, such as Bolivia, Latvia or Austria.

Also, do you know exactly on the globe where you are travelling to? If not, it’s time to mark off your destinations so you know where they are in the world – and it might even help inspire your next adventure as you tick cities or countries off your list.

Challenge a Stereotype

It’s so easy to assume about a country’s culture before we’ve experienced it for ourselves. Make 2016 the year your challenge stereotypes, taking the time to learn more about a country’s lifestyle, culture and people. You never know, you might just find that you were wrong about a location.

Sleep in the Great Outdoors

You haven’t lived until you’ve slept in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air as you fall asleep in a sleeping back. Whether you’re sleeping in front of the stars, setting up camp in a forest or climbing up to a hill or mountain for a good night’s rest, this is one experience you will never forget.

Do Something Different

It’s time you done something different. If you’re a traveller, you probably think you do something different every single day – but do you? While travelling from hostel to hostel might be a different experience, why don’t you indulge in a little bit of luxury in a beautiful hotel. In fact, for a truly memorable experience, you could enjoy a night in a fantastic party hotel. Hotels such as Signature Living can even bring all your travel friends together in one stunning location, as they specialise in party Liverpool apartments for different size groups.

Try Something New

You are a traveller and that means embracing new things at every possible turn. You can’t travel the world like Karl Pilkington, packing Monster Munch and Twix in your luggage. You have to try different cuisines to really embrace your experience.

Trying something new doesn’t just apply to food, either. You could, for instance, experience the freeing yet adrenaline-filled activity of flying a plane. Fly in a Spitfire. Two seat Spitfire flights over the English Channel. Maybe you haven’t heard of these fighter jets, but they can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you! You could also try new things, like viewing Mexico’s island of haunted dolls or even enjoying a cool dip at the red wine spa in Japan. Just open your mind up to new possibilities and maybe even take a friend or ten along with you for the experience.

Switch Off for a Day

You might be away from your loved ones – but mentally you’re still in contact with them through mobiles, social media, Skype and email, right? And while modern technology really is a wonderful thing, it can sometimes be good to just switch off. If you are constantly on your phone, laptop or tablet, you’ll never be able to truly appreciate your travel adventures. That’s why we recommend that you switch all modern technologies off at least once this year – or maybe even once a month – so you can just enjoy travelling and the company of your travel friends. You can guarantee you’ll feel less dependent on your phone or computer to get you through your adventure.

Make an Impact

Travelling with provide you with so many wonderful experience and amazing memories. Different cultures will undoubtedly broaden your mind – so if you want to give back to communities a little, and do something valuable with all your free time, we recommend volunteering abroad< at least once so you can leave knowing you've changed the lives of one person or maybe even a whole community. Watch the Sunset

There is no better feeling than watching day turn to night, which is why you have to watch the sunset at least once in your life. Grab your friends, tent and some marshmallows and just enjoy the beautiful sight of nature at its best.

Watch the Sunrise

Once you’ve watched the sunset, it’s time to watch the sun rise. Nothing is more inspiring than watching the sunrise on a new day, offering a sight that is bound to take your breath away. Wake up a little early to experience this natural wonder, as it is most definitely worth it.