For many Americans, two weeks of vacation each year is the norm. For Americans with jetsetting fever, only 10 days of freedom can seem abysmally low. The question is, how do footloose people find careers that offer upward momentum and international freedom? It seems that many blogs only show people who have chosen to quit their jobs and become full-time travelers, living off savings or investments.

Fortunately, there are millions of people finding international living and travel the norm for them as they continue to pursue their career and gain professional success and renown. Included here are a few careers that encourage, and require, you to travel.

Traveling Nurse

For those looking to enjoy a long-term career in the medical field, becoming a traveling nurse may be just the niche you need to meld your passions. You can continue working towards an established medical career while traveling internationally and having life experience. To get a traveling nurse job, you may require good career background and a strong resume. While some may have expertise in their field, they may still lack the knowledge on how to build a resume. If it is the case with you, you can look for service providers equivalent to ARC Resumes who can help you in creating a substantial resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile along with providing career counseling.

Traveling nurses work to provide immediate relief to over-worked clinic staffs around the world. Most assignments are 13 weeks long, and you will likely be offered a permanent position at the end, if you are interested. If you are uncertain about international medical work, you can choose to stay within the United States.

Flight Attendant

The most obvious of traveling jobs is the flight attendant. There is a reason this job has become one of the most desirable, it offers incredible perks and pay for people without college degrees. Working as a flight attendant does require a great deal of patience; as any career interacting with the general public requires. You also may have to be willing to continue education in the field for safety trainings and personnel requirements regularly for the duration of your career.

Flight attendants certainly don’t have too bad of a hoe to row, though. They can fly anywhere for free on their airline and they get the chance to stay in cities all around the globe at the end of their workday. For a day spent rehearsing safety procedures and doling out drinks, it is not a bad lifestyle; research which airlines offer the best benefits before applying.

Peace Corps Volunteer

As a Peace Corps volunteer, you are certainly not going to be raking in the big bucks, but you will have an incredible life experience on the job. Most assignments in the Corps will last for about two years and you will be working to further health care, education and agricultural developments in countries around the world.

Your housing, insurance and living stipends will be good while in the Corps and you can defer your student loan payments while abroad. Joining the Peace Corps is a great way to gain life experience and buy yourself time while you figure out which path to pursue before or after college.