Winter can be a difficult time of year with the stress of the holidays, the cold weather and too much time spent indoors.  Why not get away this year for a relaxing vacation in the sun?

Thailand is a virtual treasure trove of exciting sights and sounds. From the exciting nightlife of Bangkok to the pristine beaches of Phuket or one of the many small islands it is a great place to visit for winter sun. Fly into Bangkok first and take in the exotic nightlife, fantastic food, and great shopping that this popular tourist site has to offer.  Don’t forget to tour the Grand Palace and visit one of the many Buddhist temples.  Check out the solid gold Buddha in the temple of Wat Traimit that was discovered in 1954. It had been previously covered in stucco to disguise its true value from Burmese invaders.

With plenty of flights available to Phuket, a luxury holiday to Thailand this winter can be easily booked. The pristine beaches and exotic jungles are sure to please. You can also island hop to one of the many islands such as Ko Samui, Ko Tarutao, or Ko Phangan. You can lie on the beach, do some water sports, hire a boat and go fishing or travel to one of the many smaller islands.

Morocco is a great place to visit for some winter sun and the exciting city of Marrakech is a great place to start. Visit the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of Marrakech. This beautiful walled city has existed since medieval times and has many things to offer to travellers. You can meander through a market places set up in a maze of alleys where you can shop for jewelry, local pottery, and textiles. Or you can simply take in the many marvelous sights this city has to offer such as strolling musicians, snake charmers, and fortunetellers. You have to soak in the richness of culture that Marrakech has to offer by strolling past palaces, mosques, and gardens of architectural marvel. Immerse yourself in the exotic aromas of spices, ethnic restaurants and be astounded by the rich colours that this exciting city has to offer.

Morocco is also the home of The Sahara Desert so be sure to take a guided tour through the desert. There is also the breathtaking beach of Essaouira. Due to the strong currents it is not a good beach for swimming but it is great for sunbathing and trekking along its wide sandy shore. Morocco is also a great place for an adventure holiday, if sunbathing isn’t fast paced enough for you.

The civil war ended in Sri Lanka in 2009 and they have been opening their country to tourists since. It was named as the best value for tourists in 2012 and more than 1.5 million tourists travelled there in 2014. Sri Lanka is also home to some fantastic hotels, there are many exciting things to do and see here such as elephant sanctuaries where you can volunteer to work with the elephants, wander through spice and tea plantations, and visit the beautiful beaches of Bentota, Mirissa and Hikkaduwa.