People all across the world are becoming increasingly aware of how the decisions they make affect the environment. Even putting the right rubbish in the recycling bin can help, but one of the biggest impacts you can make is putting together eco-friendly holidays.

This is particularly easy if you’re only taking a quick city break. Here are just four ways to make your next one better for the planet.

  1. Stay in the UK

This is the big one. If you fly off anywhere, your carbon footprint is going to go through the roof. Planes consume a huge amount of fuel, and you’ll also need to factor in the fuel consumed getting you from airport to airport in each city you visit. Additionally, it tends to be harder to find eco-friendly accommodation and products when you get outside the UK, though this does depend on where you go.

  1. Visit a Smaller City

If you go to London or Manchester, you’re probably going to have to take taxis or drive your own car to get around. Instead, look at some of the UK’s smaller cities. Head to somewhere like Bristol and you’ll find plenty of great attractions all within walking distance of each other.

  1. Take Advantage of Local Public Transportation

When you do need to head somewhere that isn’t a walkable distance away, try to use the city’s public transportation instead of your own car. No need to burn your own fuel when a bus or train will be going your direction anyway.

  1. Go Self-Catered and Bring Your Own Food

Wasted food is a common problem when you’re on holiday, so why not bring your own. If you book a serviced apartment, you’ll get a full kitchen. That means you can bring your own food and then take anything left back with you. You’ll also avoid all the excess packaging that tends to come with travel food.