Winter is always a perfect time to go for a family holiday. If you have already started to plan your winter holiday, you must have some places in your mind. If you are still not sure where to go, here are 5 fabulous winter holiday destinations you can consider:


Greece is mostly known for its remarkable past but it is not less known for its tourism. Even within the ongoing economic crisis in Greece, the popularity of Greece as a travel destination has not declined. If you are looking to spend some relaxing time with your family on some of the most beautiful islands or beaches in the world, Greece should be the place to go. Perfect for family holidays, Greece boasts of some wonderful winter festivals as well. With plenty of fun activities on offer for both kids and adults in most popular Greece family destinations, you can expect to spend an unforgettable winter holiday.


Being located within the close proximity of Europe, Morocco is one of the most preferred winter family holiday destinations for Europeans. For having a dazzling combination of African, European and Arab influence, Morocco inspires millions of travelers from around the world. Winter being the peak season for holidaymakers to visit, Morocco prepares everything for its guests and you can expect to have great hospitality. A desert tour to the sparse but awe-inspiring Sahara alone can be an experience your family will remember forever. The view of its wonderful Atlas Mountains, some remarkable architecture and an opportunity to laze on spectacular Moroccan beaches with your family all awaits you in 2016.


Ireland is a small country with great reputation as a winter holiday destination. Its fascinating and friendly people, breathtaking ancient landscapes, lyrical nature, vibrant culture, majestic history, and rich collection of renowned castles all define what to expect in a trip to this county in Europe. Taking your family to some wonderful Irish villages or touring the country’s west coast can be a unique experience for your family.


Maldives, a country in the Indian Ocean, is surely one of the top island destinations in the world. Although the country consists of around 1200 islands, only 200 are inhibited. Maldives is known for its wonderful beautiful beaches, small private islands, its world famous diving locations and underwater worlds, luxury accommodations and wonderful climate.


Croatia is a fabulous winter holiday destination with a super atmosphere. During the winter, Croatia looks its best with plenty of sun and greenery all around. Just a few years ago, Croatia was not much known for its tourism. But recently, it has developed wonderful tourism infrastructure and have gained huge popularity as a travel destination. As a family holiday hotspot, Croatia offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. Deep blue water of Adriatic coastline, waterfall-laced mountains of the Dinaric Alps, its glorious past and historic cities, a great blend of glamour and tradition, all will ensure you and your family have some wonderful experiences.