If you happen to ask yourself what is the best destination for your next tropical vacation, the answer is “the Philippines”. The Philippines is an archipelago full of tropical islands for you to choose from, each with its own unique trait and characteristics.

Choosing between so many amazing islands is very difficult, but we’re going to present to you the best 7 islands in the country, so your next vacation is going to be imperviously AMAZING!


Boracay is a classic destination in the Philippines. It has 2 million tourists visiting it every year, which makes it the most toured island in the country. Now that happens for a reason, Boracay has so much in such a small island.

In Boracay you will find a pristine white beach, luxury hostels and resorts, beautiful island hopping tours, kite surfing, and some of the best dive sites in the Philippines. Plus, nightlife is the second nature of the island. The parties on Boracay are like no other island in the Philippines.

Why you should go to Boracay? Beach, Night life, Parties, Diving, Meeting other travelers


Palawan, or as usually being referred to, the last frontier of the Philippines is truly an amazing place. Not yet developed, the island retains its natural charm. This is a magical island and a must for the nature lovers.

El Nido in Palawan was chosen to be one of the best islands in the world by many travel magazines, and CNNgo is amongst them. El Nido’s landscape is really unique, the town is surrounded by limestone cliffs, and when looking towards the ocean you will find many small islands scattered in the water making it a surreal experience.

Beside of El Nido there are great spots to visit like Puerto Princesa, home to the underground river, one of the new 7 wonders of nature and a UNESCO world heritage site . There is also Port Barton which is quieter than El Nido and a remarkable beach destination by itself.

Why go to Palawan? Nature, Romantic trip, Diving, Rock climbing


Technically Coron Is in Palawan, but it’s so far from “mainland Palawan”, and is limitedly accessible from it, that it makes much more sense sometimes to get there directly from Manila.

Coron Island hopping is probably the best there is in the Philippines, and also in the whole world. Coron is also home to some of the finest wreck diving in the world where you’ll get to see so many ship wrecks of Japanese and American sunken relics from WW2.

Why visit Coron? Wreck diving, Kayaking, Island hopping, Adventure


Including Cebu in this list is kind of cheating, because Cebu Island is huge, and is made of a main island, surrounded by 167 islands and islets, so it might deserve of a list of its own. Even though, Cebu Island is home to many breathtaking attractions, so I couldn’t exclude it from this list.

What kind of breathtaking adventure? Waterfall jumping and canyoneering in Moalboal’s Kawasan falls, snorkeling with whale sharks in Oslob, and diving with thresher sharks in Malapascua. These are only a little of what Cebu Island can offer you.

What to do in Cebu? Luxury resorts, Shark diving, Canyoneering, Backpacking

Siargao Island

This is one of the new surprises for many tourists to the Philippines. Siargao has been quite a secret for a while now, known mostly to surfers from around the world. It used to be pretty difficult to get here, but a newly built airport on the island makes it much easier to reach.

Beside of being the surfing capital of the Philippines, this island has a lot to offer to anybody. So if you’re a surfer, Siargao Island has been ranked by numerous websites and magazines to be amongst the top in the world’s surfing spots list .

Other than surfing, Siargao has plenty of adventure waiting for you. Go and discover the exquisite Sugba Lagoon, and swim with the stingless jelly fish there. Also jump of some cliffs to the natural rock pools on the island, and get lost in the tropical jungles with your bike. Siargao Island is going to be the next boracay, so make sure you’ll be there first!

Why go to Siargao Island? Surfing, Nature, Affordable, Island hopping


Bohol Island is like the younger brother of Boracay, but with some secrets of its own. Beside of the beautiful white sand Alona beach, and the gorgeous island hopping tours, Bohol is also a place that you can snorkel with sea turtles, watch the unique tarsiers (one of the smallest primates in the world, the famous Chocolate hills, and cruising up the Tropical Loboc River.

You’d be amazed that even that Bohol is very famous among tourists, so many of the tourists that visit Bohol are unware of many of the things the island has to offer. Luckily, Since the island is so popular among tourists, its very easy to find great travel packages to Bohol that will help you enjoy your time there to the fullest.

Bohol Island is also very famous for being one of the top diving destinations in the Philippines. Besides of the beautiful corals and reefs, Bohol is known to a marine sanctuary frequently visited by dolphins and sperm whales, and if you’re very lucky, some blue whales. You can spot them from the boat, and even dive around them, now what is more perfect than that.

Why should I visit Bohol Island? White beach, World class Diving, Tarsiers, Marine animals

Apo Island

Apo Island is very special, but let me worn you in advance, it is not for everyone! It is a tiny island, with no more than a couple of thousands of people who live on it. It has electricity for only 3 hours a day, and no luxury resorts whatsoever. And yet I believe it is one of the best islands in the Philippines.

So what can you expect to find on Apo Island? Well not much, it’s the simplicity here that makes it so magical, with only a few restaurants, and few beautiful beaches. But it is what you can find underwater that makes Apo truly remarkable. First of all, it is one of the only places I know of that the turtles are so used to people, they don’t even swim away from you, and you can always see them just in front on the main beach each afternoon.

Why Apo Island? Best diving, Backpacking, Romantic, Rustic

Bucas grande

Also known a Socorro, Bucas grande is a hidden gem of the Philippines islands. It still holds its authentic character. It is truly unspoiled, and with so few tourists who come to the island, it will probably stay like that for a while.

Bucas Grande has thick tropical jungle covering it, many islets in azure waters, an untouched lagoon with stingless jellyfish, and access to a stalactite cave from it. It is a very romantic place, and do expect to experience its wonders without seeing many other people, so it’s best experienced with a partner.

Why to visit Bucas Grande? Untouched nature, Romantinc, Tropical Paradise

And here is another free tip for you guys. It is far easier to revolve around a specific theme when traveling to a place like the Philippines, which is first of all huge, and second of all an archipelago, which makes it a little harder to navigate your way around it.

Many of the Islands above share some things in common. For instance, if diving is your priority, check out with travel agencies for the diving packages they offer, and more information about diving in the Philippines