1. It’s Fiji.

Fiji is the quintessential vacation location of the nations, the place where everyone would like to visit at least once in their lifetime, and not a lot get the opportunity to do that. It is definitely one for the bucket list.

  1. Any picture you take is post card worthy

Thole place is a vacation wonderland, and no matter whether you are taking a selfie by the ocean or having a group picture in one of the islands, pictures will come out amazing. In fact, even a missed click on the capture button would probably look good framed.


  1. It has marine life like no other

The one thing that has always been so beautifully mysterious about the ocean, is the fact that it’s the one place that mankind has yet to fully traverse. It belongs wholly to nature, untouchable without expensive equipment. As such, marine life is fascinating, and there is a lot of that in Fiji that remains unseen in other places in the world.

  1. Even the accommodation is a vacation in itself

Another check on my bucket list is to stay in Fiji’s overwater bungalows. These are luxurious little huts standing over the bright blue waters, overlooking the lagoon. Imagine falling asleep on the deck to the sound of the gentle waves.


  1. You will not be wanting for activities

Fiji is an outdoorsy place, in the fact that spending indoors feels like a chore, given that you are surrounded by nothing short of natural wonder. Naturally, you will be spoiled for choice with all the outdoor sporting activities available, such as parasailing and scuba diving.


  1. The locals are friendly

Fijians are known to be warm, welcoming and accommodating, especially if you bring your children along, as they have heavily rooted family values. Unlike others, these locals are very happy to share their culture with starry eyed travelers, and help you experience the island the way it was meant to be exprienced.


  1. The cuisine is exotic

Whenever you go to a new location, the first thing on the list is to try out the local cuisine. After all, food is often something that sets nations and culture apart, as natural resources vary geographically. Fiji is not short of curries and strangely wonderful smelling spices, and the menus will totally enhance your experience.


  1. Fiji is a natural wonder

Fiji is a place that you will truly feel that you are taking a break from city life. From the white sand beaches with crystal blue waters to the big waterfalls flowing over the cliffs, it it truly makes for a breathtaking vacation.


  1. Fiji has become a little more accessible

It’s become a bit easier nowadays to get that dream vacation since online booking and location listing have been improved. You’ll find loads of websites that will help you plan, carry out and end your vacation smoothly; Venture Fiji lists a number of other all inclusive resorts in Fiji that are all 5 star resorts.


  1. Fiji radiates good vibes

Perhaps the most important point on the list, everything about Fiji just gives off positive energy. From the friendly locals to the pure wonderment of the islands, it’s just a good place to recharge and remember that there is still beauty in the world, and that’s something you’ll be able to take back home with you.