On Sunday, 2nd February 2014, we, an ordinary couple from Warrington, UK, decided to make the momentous decision to jack in our jobs and work our way around the world for the next year.



Whether we will fail in this endeavour, returning home by Christmas 2014 with our tails between our legs, our spirits shattered and our sense of adventure crushed, remains to be seen, but we have decided to take the last of our youth by the balls, embrace the spirit of YOLO (You Only Live Once for anyone NOT cool enough to be “down” with teenagers) and jettison our jobs/mortgages/families for the world that is apparently our oyster.

So who are we?



At my brother’s wedding in Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy

Currently, I’m an English teacher in a large comprehensive high school in North Wales, and have been doing the job for the past 5 years. Despite loving it, I’ve realised my 29th birthday is fast approaching, and if I never try this, I will end up married with kids, and significantly less likely to give it a go.

Basically, I want to see whether it is indeed possible to have the freedom and flexibility to travel the world as so many “professional travellers” claim.

I’ve read tonnes of blogs of travellers who claim that jacking in their 9-5s and heading off into the sunset down roads least travelled is the best decision they’ve ever made. Is it that easy? Is work around the world so easy to find? Is it possible to make money from writing jobs on the internet?


At the Ice Bar in Barcelona

At the Ice Bar in Barcelona

Surely, if it was that easy, we’d all do it, right?

So I’m kind of considering this as an experiment.

Will I come back broke, savings spent, facing a life back in the UK on the breadline within a month?

God, I hope not. Failure sucks.



Having a heart to heart with a monkey…

At the moment, I’m a chartered accountant and am really feeling the grind of working for The Man. Although Becky’s lived and worked abroad before, I’ve never really ventured out of Western-style countries (except for my honeymoon with my ex-wife to St Lucia – don’t ask; the least said about that the better. Especially don’t ask Becky ha ha!).

For me, this is a shot at a real adventure, a chance to escape the shackles of dogma and follow all the clichés of living life to the full. I want to know whether I have the business know-how and resourcefulness to allow me to survive in lands unknown, without the security of a regular income.

Getting hammered on Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Getting hammered on Las Ramblas, Barcelona

I also want to know if I can survive using sub-standard toilet facilities. That’s one of my real bug-bears, and is most likely the thing that will break me while we’re away.


So what can we, as a travel blog, offer you?


In all honesty, probably not much that isn’t already out there.

We do, however, promise to blog regularly and try to write articles that WE would want to read; articles that are useful to fellow travellers and that are brutally honest about what’s good and what’s bad about everywhere we visit.

As well as writing about the places we visit, we may well throw in a couple of articles about how to make money while you travel (if anything we try works!), and about any volunteer opportunities that come our way.

Trying out the zipwire in North Wales

Trying out the zipwire in North Wales

Get In Touch

Throughout this whole process we’d love to hear people’s thoughts and feedback on what we write, and am more than happy to discuss our experiences and answer any questions you may have (if we can, anyway!).

But PLEASE don’t judge us if this becomes an epic fail!  Contact us here.