Traveling is an activity that by itself has no shortage of new and exciting moments, both comfortable, as well as uncomfortable. No one can deny that airplanes may be one of the most awkward scenarios humans place themselves in.

Unless you’re a planner and buy a seat on the aisle, or in the exit row, you’re forced to be squashed like sardines in a can next to at least two people whom you don’t know. There is no shortage of situations on a plane that make you long for the flight to be over, but once you arrive at your destination and get to experience the art of it all, including galleries, food, scenery, theatre, and the like, you’ll never want to stop traveling the world by plane.

The Chatty Neighbor

How many people actually introduce themselves to their neighbor in an airplane? How many of those people then feel obligated to get to know that person for the next 5 hours? There are those kind of people out there. Sometimes you get lucky and you hit it off with said person, but other times, you just want to die.

Luckily, most of the population is part of a different group. This group gets on an airplane, sections off their space, puts earbuds in their ears, and pretends like the awkwardness that is around them doesn’t exist. Airplanes are uncomfortable, tight, dirty, and the fact that you’re sharing recycled air with a couple hundred people in such a confined space doesn’t help matters.

If you’re one to want to meet new people, consider practicing feeling out people and situations-and not in a weird way. It’s always okay to introduce yourself to your neighbor but once names are said, if you feel like talking, ask a couple general questions and feel out their answer. If they seem like they don’t want to talk, leave it alone. If they do want to talk, it will develop naturally and you’ll have made a new friend.

Perks of Air Travel

With all that being said, airplanes do have their perks, and no matter the inconvenience, the travel is always going to be worth it. Airplanes may be uncomfortable but the convenience of arriving at your destination in a couple of hours is way better than spending days in a car or train, or even longer, on a boat.

Did you know that flying in an airplane is actually safer than almost any other transportation method? If anyone is scared of flying on a plane due to thinking that it’s going to crash, it’s really unfounded fear.

Though there are several other perks associated with flying, the best one has to be the views. Book yourself a seat near a window, or if you’re really feeling like treating yourself, book your seat in first class near a window, or in an exit row near a window. The beauty you will see from your place in the sky just might make you want to take a plane everywhere that you travel.