Fraser Island is one of Australia’s most visited summer holiday destination. There are many ways in which you are able to get to Fraser Island, whether by plane, car, train or tram. With the ferries into the island departing from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach each day, you are going to have to make way onto either of those ports in order to reach the ferry to get to there. From the different ferries, you are then able to travel to Fraser Island by car.

To get to Fraser Island you need to travel to the east coast road trip. This road trip will allow you to travel to all of the places in the Island. You are able to travel to the beautiful noosa heads located on the west side of the Island. These noosa heads provide shelter to the birds that visit the Island on a daily basis.

The road trip can start from Hervey Bay, and travel all the way to Fraser Island. However, there are other tours that take place from the Hervey Bay area, which are also well worth considering. Three day tour allows you to travel to a number of locations that are part of the island. This includes a stop at the St Clair River for a drink and picnic. You also make your way into the Noosa Heads region of Fraser Island.

During this time you are able to enjoy a variety of water sports that includes snorkeling, swimming and boating. You can also experience the scenic views that are included in this part of the Island. The view includes the Fraser Island beach as well as the surrounding ocean.

You can travel to the town of Noosa Heads, which is situated on the lower mainland. This part of the Island is not developed, but it provides a beautiful view of the reef that makes up the island. It is possible to view rare turtle species that are part of the marine ecosystem. The most popular activities that take place on this island include kayaking, swimming, fishing, diving, surfing. In order to see all of the things that are available to do while you are on this island you need to take an overnight trip. This is a must do on your Australia holiday.

This part of the Island is very popular for swimming. You will find the largest sand island in the world here. You can enjoy the calm waters of this island during your drive. A great part of this day is the opportunity to visit the Fraser Island museum.