The United Kingdom welcomes you to a land of glory and hope. People come and find an amazing blend of the English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh. If you wish to indulge in their spirit and excitement, you must come over to the country sometime. Here, we will help you know a few basic things before traveling to the UK. These tips will keep you ready and safe for your tour.

Basics things to know before the UK trip

  1. Currency

United Kingdom uses Pound Sterling (GBP) as their currency and £1 is equal to $1.29 and € 1.13

Before you come here, make sure you know if your credit and debit cards will work anywhere. If not, make sure you have sufficient cash to suffice or exchange as required.

  1. Electricity socket

Most places in the UK use the three rectangular prongs and have 230V AC electricity. Try to carry a universal adapter, especially if you’re going to travel from one city to another. This helps in avoiding the need to look for new ones in an unknown city. Since electronic gadgets are essential, make sure they work when you need them.

  1. Visa

If you’re traveling to the UK, you can’t stay here for more than six months. The rule is same for all EU citizens and non-EU member states of EEA and OCT. Asians have to plan for visa way ahead of time and can also stay in the country for six months at the most. You must keep a check on your visa validity beforehand. If you wish to stay longer than six months, you have to apply for study or work visa.

  1. Keep contacts handy

Connect with UK Companies Customer Service to get contacts of places and people so that you can navigate your way. Having contacts helps you book tables, make reservations, and explore the city better. If you connect with the best agency in this country, you will have access to reach out to anyone and anywhere.

  1. Going around the cities

Isn’t it amazing to add one destination to another in your smartphone and know you’ll reach the place directly? This is why you need cabs, even in an unknown country. You must have the Uber contact number London to be able to book cabs and go around the city. It will help you connect with people who can take you around and help you explore the places in a proper way.

  1. Safety

The United Kingdom is safe for people to travel and many come here solo.  It has low violence and crime rate compared to many European cities.  You just need to be alert and aware of where you are and keep using your Google Maps for help.

Note that the people in the UK mostly speak in English but it can be tough to understand due to their accent. When you come to this place, make sure you keep a check on the climatic condition that is usually moderate to cold all through the year.