When one thinks about designing their boat, rarely does one associate carpet with a boat. However, even though traditional teak decks are gorgeous they also require a substantial amount of maintenance in order to keep them looking at their best. If one does not have the constant means to spend the time or monetary funds on upholding their teak deck, then the need for alternative marine flooring is in order.
There are many low maintenance and non-skid flooring alternatives, however they may be unsightly and clash with your boating design. However, luxury woven vinyl boat carpet comes in an array of patterns and are highly easy to maintain.

Carpeting can be used all over the boat, including below deck and topside; they feature non-skid backing so they are useful and safe on swimming platforms and flying bridges. Several other features make carpeting a more affordable and better choice for boats.

• Durability: Boats often see amounts of traffic, whether this is foot traffic or from moving equipment around the decks. Vinyl backed carpets can withstand these amounts of traffic as well as hold up to scrubbing with a deck brush. The more durable one’s carpet is, the longer it will last.

• UV Stability: Being exposed to UV lighting can damage your carpet, so when choosing a carpet pick one that is fade-resistant. Keeping your carpet looking newer and the longevity at its highest.

• Impermeable to motor oils and grease:

• Resistant to Saturation: Water is impervious on both the surface and the backing of marine carpets. Luxury woven vinyl carpets will float in water and dry quickly. This formulation keeps mold, mildew, and bacteria from cultivating in your marine vessel carpets.

• Resistant to Fire: Carpets backed with urethane are not fire-resistant, luxury woven carpets, on the other hand, are all self-extinguishing when bare to flames.

• Easy to clean: Luxury woven vinyl carpets are resistant to soil and stains (even bird droppings). Using a mild laundry detergent, some water, and a desk brush is all you need to keep your carpet looking pristine.

• Antimicrobial: Pick a flooring that is resistant to the growth of mold and mildew – this is a necessity when dealing with boating carpets due to the constant presence of moisture and heat. If need be, you can always buy at home mold test kit and check for the results frequently to ensure that there is no mold growth at all.

Carpets in boats can be glued down for permanent placement, or they can be installed with hardware for a snap down effect that makes it easy to remove for access to other boat parts or easy cleaning.