Finally, the technology we all know about has been made available for a simple task like catching a bus. There’s nothing worse than buying tickets, looking for change and waiting at the stop.

The new Stagecoach Bus App has brought bus travel straight into 2017! Let me tell you why.

Everything is in the one place

The app is rather cool because you have everything you need to know about your specific bus trip in your hand. Journey plans, real time bus information, even purchasing your tickets can all be done through this app.  If you don’t like waiting for your bus in bad weather, the app will tell you exactly where the bus is and how long it will take to get to your stop.

Purchasing your ticket is as easy as any electronic transaction. No paper, and you can’t lose your ticket, unless of course you lose your mobile. The instances of fossicking around in your pockets looking for bus money are gone as well. Buy the ticket using your card and it’s stored on your phone. Show the driver when you board the bus.

Local travel made even simpler

Have you ever looked at the timetables at bus stops wondering just which bus you need to catch? You can set your location by using your phone’s GPS system. This helps you find the right bus to get, where bus stops are, and what route to take. That takes all the guesswork out of catching the bus!

There are times you need to catch a bus and you don’t even know where the nearest bus stop is. The app has a journey planner that has a map you can use to help you if you get lost. There’s also another feature that locks in your most used or favourite route. That helps with the ticket purchases as well.

The Stagecoach Bus App is free and very worthwhile to have. It can be downloaded onto an Apple or Android, so there’s no excuse for not having one if you use the public transport system.