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Camp Chateaugay

Summer camp- words than can have two very different, though equally resounding, reactions. We all know the drill. For some people, summer camp means an awesome vacation, tiring but fun, and a lot of memories to be stored away in one of the many photo albums around the house. For unfortunate others, it means slogging […]


Preparing for the Slopes

Skiing is for the brave, for the adventurous, for adrenaline junkie and for everyone else who just wants to have a lot of fun. An outdoor sport where you can experience speed, serious air and a mouthful of snow if it’s your first couple of times. Having a ski trip with your buddies or with […]


Our Incredible Break in Crete!

We thought about, dreamt about it, got around to planning it, and finally made it. It took us a (wait for it) Herculean effort to get there, but we finally got to take a vacation in Greece. Greece is, by all accounts, a perfectly valid dream holiday for anyone, except for maybe those who already […]