With the prevalence of anti-vax arguments today, it’s easy to wonder if those travel vaccinations are truly necessary. What are your odds of contracting a disease when you go abroad?

Some places, such as Europe, Canada, or the United States, tend to be a safer choice with regard to disease, as the hygiene and infrastructure are in place to prevent many communicable diseases that a vaccine would protect against. There are also plenty of necessary services in place for both residential and commercial maintenance of hygiene standards – disinfection and cleaning, gutter and drainage services, and pest control experts ohio as well as in other states of the United States. This is very likely true for countries like Canada as well. Companies providing these services play a great role in ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic way of living. Other places, such as Southeast Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa, seem almost teeming with deadly disease.

Some of the more remote areas of the globe are still hotspots for well-known viruses such as Hepatitis and Malaria. What an unwary traveler may not realize is that other communicable diseases, such as diphtheria, polio, meningitis, and encephalitis are still prevalent. Different insects and rodents will carry strains of disease that may have been eradicated or simply not present in your home country.

Before receiving your vaccines, there are a couple of things to consider. Which diseases could you encounter at your destination? Will the side effects from the vaccines be worse than the illness itself? Finally, ask about the efficacy rate of your vaccine. For further information, the London Travel Clinic is the place to have your questions answered in a matter of minutes by a trained professional.

What are some of the arguments against travel vaccines? Some will say that the ingredients in the vaccine itself, such as mercury, and even the inactive DNA of the virus are more harmful than the disease they are designed to protect. While the risks of vaccine ingredients are not perfectly understood, comparing a slight, unproven risk against visible evidence of illness, and possibly death, from some of the more virulent bacteria on the planet tips the scales in favor of vaccines. You can explore a pharmacy for travel vaccinations and get your shot for health issues like flu, typhoid, etc. Most people are able to have vaccines with minimal complications – however – if you have an egg allergy it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before taking any vaccines.

Still other folks claim that simply eating well, tasting the local food and water in small amounts, and limiting or regulating your exposure to foreign elements will allow your body to build up immunities organically. While anecdotal evidence from some travelers may suggest this as a viable option, vaccines by their nature are designed to make your body build up an immunity to that disease. You don’t need to become ill first, with a vaccine. And, would you enjoy spending your holiday sick?

If you plan to vacation abroad, a trip to the London Travel Clinic is a must. You can preserve your health, as well as minimize difficulty at customs with your yellow international vaccine card. We have group and family appointments available so that your whole party can be immunized. With a quick fifteen minute consultation with a trained nurse and a modest fee for the medication, your health has never been easier. Traveling can be risky, but gambling with your health doesn’t have to be. With plenty of locations to serve you, London travel Clinic should be at the top of your “to do” list for your next holiday.