Holidays mean rest and relaxation for most people, although they can add in a dash of adventure too for those who like to live a little bit out on the edge, but when you’re out and about in another country, it’s worth keeping your eyes open to take in the details of how different designs work in different places.

If you want to do something different with your own interior design, rather than trying to keep everything in your head, make sure you take plenty of photos when you come across design ideas that you like and think would look good in your home. You might spot a restaurant whose colour scheme you like – perhaps a seafood restaurant with cool blues interspersed with yellows and pale oranges – get it on camera and think where it could work on your walls back home. You could also work with a professional interior designer, like, and show them the photos to see how they would translate those into your home.

Be bold

The vibrancy of Hawaii, the hustle and bustle of the souks in Morocco or Tunisia, the sights and sounds of the orient as channelled by Japan, China and Thailand, each offers a myriad of possibilities to develop your interior design ideas. You can set yourself out from the crowd by, for example, having a Chinese room in bright attractive colours with displays of some of the beautiful artefacts and art that the country produces. Dragons and pagodas are probably mandatory, but display some Eastern china along with attractive lantern features. If you’re living in Europe or America as an immigrant or the descendant of one, then this is your chance to bring a little bit of your heritage to your home. If interested, check out websites like and others that showcase many different styles of remodelling jobs. You could also get in touch with them to discuss any ideas of your own that you may have for your next home remodel project.

Controlling the lighting

When you want to highlight specific pieces of artwork that you have brought back from your travels, it’s important to show them off to your best advantage. A picture that throws back glare from a poorly positioned light, for example, is not going to do it justice. Strategically placed downlighters and uplighters can show off your collection effectively, drawing the eye so that the detail and quality can easily be seen and admired. It’s not a good idea to put one small picture on a big wall. It will get lost, so put up a range of pictures you’ve brought back from your travels and have them there to remind you of some of your favourite holiday memories.

Little spotlights can work well too, but often it’s the natural light that can produce the best visual effects. One good way of controlling this is by having window shutters installed. Not only do they add real class to the way a room looks, but they also have louvers that can be opened and closed to let just the amount of light you want into the room. Furthermore, they actually increase the curb appeal of your home which can be of benefit if you ever decide to sell in the future. Many people choose to have them custom built and there are many companies that specialize in shutters denver located or similar that can help you.

Imagination is your key

There’s no need to have dull, drab rooms in your home. If you have kids, then why not let them help with ideas so that the rooms belong to you all. It’ll help them get enthusiastic about how things look, remind them of their travels and, as an outside possibility, persuade them to help keep rooms tidy.

However you do things, be imaginative so that you can bring touches of the world into your own interior design ideas.