Often the best holidays are those enjoyed in the UK.  Even though the weather might not be completely reliable, staycations are a great chance to explore the beautiful country we live in and appreciate the Great British countryside.

Try something new

Holidays are a great opportunity to try something new and maybe even discover something you really love.  If you’re staying near a river you could try fishing, getting the whole family involved or if you are by a harbour you could go crabbing.  Being able to catch their own dinner is an exciting prospect for children so be sure to get everyone involved.  Trying a new sport is a great way to enjoy your holiday, take up tennis or golf, the best way to get into it is to find a local pitch and put.

Go stargazing

If you’re staying in a house, camp in the garden for one night.  It’s a fun way to try out camping, in the safety of your garden and with the comforts of your holiday home just a few metres away.  Make the most of your night by toast marshmallows and stargazing, enjoying quality time together as a family.

Keep it simple

Activities on your staycation don’t need to break the bank, the simple ideas are often the best.  A staycation is a great chance to have a picnic, take in the fresh air and just enjoy the countryside.  Go on a walk or a bike ride before the picnic, to make sure you’ve really earned it!  It’s important to appreciate the area you are staying in.  If you’ve found the perfect holiday home in North Wales, make the most what Wales has to offer, whether you are taking a walk on Anglesey’s coast or are tackling Snowdonia, just enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Go old school

The best thing about a staycation is the quality time spent together as a family.  Activities don’t need to be expensive or require a big trip out.  Get outdoors and play all your favourite childhood games.  Make daisy chains, paper aeroplanes or water balloons, or get creative with some crafts.  Nostalgic games such as I-spy, musical statues and the three-legged race never lose their simple charm.  You could even bring some board games outside on a picnic rug.

Games for the whole family

There are plenty of games suitable for the whole family.  Scavenger hunts can be adapted by tailoring the clues for everyone’s ability.  Scavenger hunts are a great way to explore the garden and you can provide prizes at the end.  These hunts test logic as well as keeping the children entertained.

There are a whole range of easy and cheap outdoor activities to keep the whole family entertained.  They don’t need to break the bank and the most important thing is to get outside and appreciate the area you are staying in.