With flights dropping down to as little as an unbelievable €5 from other European countries, if you find yourself on the continent you might as well make some time to fit Prague into your itinerary. The capital of the Czech Republic as a whole is a growingly popular destination for visitors who are based in the EU and those who come from far and wide, mostly because of just how affordable it generally is, but if you’re really looking for an authentic experience of the region then the New Town quarter of the capital should be your destination.

What does it have to offer? You’d best go and find out for yourself because pretty much each experience available can be tailored to match every kind of traveller’s taste, but we’ll explore some of the most popular things to do and see you shouldn’t miss out on.

Depending on the amount of time you have in the area, you can bide your time and sort of let all which it offers warm up and really grow on you, but if you know exactly where to go and what to do then you can get a good sense of the place in just a single 24-hour period!

Some of the places suggested you’d best visit twice to sort of get two different experiences of them, once during the early morning or during the day (when the sun is out) and then once more under the cover of darkness. Some places naturally have operating hours that won’t allow you to visit at night time, but even just walking by at night to catch sight of how they look will be quite the experience, with the unique illumination style characterising most of the landmarks and entertainment venues.

The Botanical Garden of Faculty of Charles University isn’t one of these places which closes early though, so you can enjoy the beautiful sights of nature until it starts to get proper dark, with operational hours running until 7pm. A definite must-see featuring a big sub-tropical palm house and rare redwoods and GIANT bonsai’s.

One of the places you should probably visit twice is the Wenceslas Square, which assumes somewhat of a different life in the evening. It’s just as beautiful under the cover of darkness, if not even more beautiful.

For more cultural experiences to perhaps squeeze in during the day you can visit the National Museum, but be sure to make it the Národní museum and not the other one, because otherwise you’d be looking for a bit of the nightlife activities instead of the big history and nature museum that is Národní muzeum.

I say this because if you want the nightlife then you have to do it properly, with a visit to a proper bar to relax and enjoy. Goldfingers has everything for every one by way of adult fun, from the nice spot to just chill and enjoy a few drinks to some of the stuff that you wouldn’t want to tell your girlfriend about.

It’s all very tasteful though – in fact it’s extremely tasteful adult fun.