Located on the United States’ eastern coast, the state of Maryland was founded by Lord Baltimore in the year 1788, as a British colony. The state may have had a turbulent history, particularly during the periods of the Civil War, but its image has since changed to become one of the most popular holiday and travel destinations in the US. There is a plethora of spectacular attractions across the state that will definitely fascinate you.

Here are some of the attractions in the State of Maryland that are worth checking out.

Annapolis City


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Located in Ann Arundel County, the state capital of Maryland is a stunning historical seaport. Annapolis prides itself as the city with the highest number of 18th century buildings in the United States. These include the residences of all the four Maryland individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence.

The top attractions that you can explore in Annapolis include:

  • Annapolis City Dock
  • The United States Naval Academy
  • Annapolis Maritime Museum
  • National Sailing Hall of Fame
  • Chesapeake Children’s Museum

Baltimore City

Baltimore is another fun place to spend your time whenever you travel to Maryland. You can shop, walk along the docks, eat, and observe people. This is the state of Maryland’s largest city. Its Inner Harbour boasts world-class attractions that include the Camden Yards, the National Aquarium, Maryland’s Science Centre, Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore’s Historic Ships, and Horseshoe Casino. Baltimore City is also known for hosting high-profile special events such as the Preakness Celebration Balloon Festival.

Ocean City

Located in Worchester County, Ocean City is one of the most popular seaside cities in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The fun-filled beach destination, along the coast of the State of Maryland, is popular among families. Owing to its popularity there are a number of hotels with pools in Ocean City, MD, so that visitors can enjoy the ocean view and have a relaxing time bathing in the sun. These hotels also offer a wide range of amenities to make the stay of their guests more comfortable.

This beautiful place also houses a large number of amusement parks, water parks, beaches, and boardwalks have earned it the name: “Kid-Friendly City”. Well, there’s more. It is also home to a wide range of entertainment spots and restaurants. You cannot say you visited Maryland without setting foot in Ocean City and at least sampling one of the ocean city oceanfront hotels.

Deep Creek Lake


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This is among the prime holiday destinations in the State of Maryland. It features rivers, lake, and mountains from which you can enjoy a wide array of fun activities, ranging from adrenaline-filled outdoor adventures to simple relaxation.

At Deep Creek Lake, you can enjoy cycling, hiking, picnicking, fishing, boating, camping, and swimming. During the winter periods, you can have fun snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Six Flags America

If you are looking for a place where your kids can have fun to their fill, then Six Flags America would be your perfect choice. This is the largest kid’s attraction in the State of Maryland. It boasts over 100 rides, shows, as well as the region’s largest water park.

Featuring 8 rollers coasters bearing names like Superman Ride of Steel, Wild One, and Joker’s Jinx, the amusement park is a magnificent attraction for all ages. There is the Batman stunt show that virtually everyone finds enjoyable. For younger kids, they can enjoy the Looney Tunes Movie Town.

Tourism being one of the largest industries in the State of Maryland, you cannot run out of adventures that are worth exploring. Maryland offers a vast variety of spectacular attractions and things to do, thanks to its vast landscape that extend from the seaside to the mountains and to the urban areas. Travel to Maryland and in just one day you’ll enjoy stunning scenery and outdoor activities, in addition to visiting historic sites, museums, and cultural events.