We had the chance to be guests of the Ausweis Hotel in Amsterdam for a night and we were pleasantly surprised by the charming rooms, the friendly staff and the fun we had with the kids. There’s great Wi-Fi in every corner, so it doesn’t take long to even setup a VPN in order to take advantage of the casino bonus CA residents who are popularly known to travel all over the world swear by to boost their chances of winning. We enjoyed the pools with slides, saunas and whirlpools at the hotel. The bar is good for families and the restaurant is good for eating together. The kids had a lot of fun going down the kids slide and sliding down the slopes in the yard. The next day we went to the Anne Frank Museum. The building is very modern but it was very authentic to the time and environment in which Anne lived. We loved the museum very much and we enjoyed it even more than Anne would have liked.

However, we went to Amsterdam with just two adults and it was very difficult to keep track of the kids. After a long day at the Anne Frank Museum, we could not find a shop or restaurant to sit down and relax and I am sure this happens at every family trip to Amsterdam. There are so many fun activities and things to do but when you have kids you have to be very careful and keep track of where they are and what they are doing. We still had a lot of fun with them but we are looking forward to going back and having just one adult with us.

Breakfast with the Birds in Amsterdam

Our next morning we had to get out of Amsterdam. We had breakfast at a cafe which served pancakes and toast. The pancake was delicious and the toast was nice and toasted and crispy. The breakfast was good and we had no problem catching the tram back to the Ausweis Hotel in Amsterdam.

The family friendly activities in Amsterdam were the museums, shopping, seeing the house of Anne Frank and the Palace of Paranoia. We found the shops around the Anne Frank house interesting. The kids loved the toy shop and they even had a store to keep children occupied. The shops were so close to Anne Frank house but we decided to come back the next day. We had lunch at a Dutch restaurant near the Anne Frank house which had amazing food and good atmosphere. We enjoyed the Dutch foods and had dinner at the same restaurant.

The family friendly activities in Amsterdam were shopping, the Anne Frank house, visiting museums and seeing the Palace of Paranoia. But shopping with kids is really not very easy in Amsterdam. The main shopping area is near the Anne Frank house. It was a big shopping area but not that big and when we came back the next day there were very few stores which were kid friendly. We shopped in a few shops with some items we really liked but there was not much to buy. We could not find anything good to buy. There were tons of kids on bikes and scooters but we had to be careful because there were a lot of people in Amsterdam and we had to watch them closely. The place we bought most of our souvenirs was near the Anne Frank house which was a little farther than we thought.

I loved the museum inside the palace of Paranoia because it was not boring at all. It was a beautiful museum.