Okay, so before I actually get to the meat of the matter, I must first perhaps clear up two things; one being that although the United Kingdom is indeed an island, I hardly think it counts as an exotic island getaway in the mould of something like the Seychelles or even Mauritius, so we’re not talking about the likes of the UK here. The other thing is that the fact that you’re visiting an exotic island is in itself favourable and is therefore implied, so if I talk about the other favourable side I’m not talking about the trip itself, but rather about aspects of the trip like not having to worry about having to book your immediate lodging at airport hotels after a long journey from which you’d naturally be very tired.

That is indeed what a lot of people do — book hotels that are as close as to the destination airport as they can get to perhaps recover a bit from the long trip and enjoy some down-time before exploring the destination further.

So where you might have perhaps be best advised to book a room at one of many Manchester airport hotels to recover from a long flight coming into the UK, in smaller, more exotic and more ‘touristy’ island destinations like the Seychelles you won’t have that much further to go in locating your ultimate place of lodging while you’re away on your holiday. Pretty much all hotels are as close as hotels can get to the airport in this instance and that’s just part of what makes up the charm of visiting a small exotic island holiday destination.

Otherwise visiting an exotic island destination is known to be a logistical nightmare with months and months of advance planning required. There are very few direct flights if any and the flights which become available usually require quite a bit more stopovers than normal, such as perhaps first having to fly to the Middle East because certain exotic island destinations are only serviced by specific airlines such as the likes of Etihad or Emirates. Even then, the exotic island destination serviced is more like a stopover in itself, along a much more popular route, which is why you often see many passengers filing into the island only to leave on the very first flight available the next morning, having paid the same price for a single trip to their final destination.

I could perhaps go a bit further with the favourable side of visiting an exotic island which is otherwise challenging to ultimately get to, such as the real feeling of being on holiday you get as a result of the remoteness. A word of advice — venture into those places which the locals themselves like to go to or just frequent as part of their normal, everyday lives for that is where you find a much cheaper way of getting your fill and perhaps even a cheaper way of getting around and even enjoying some of the local entertainment on offer.