If you’re getting ready to launch your first big trip, an oft overlooked vital piece of equipment is adequate footwear. You may have already gotten the right backpack, picked out the best layers of clothes, selected your high-tech gadgets, but did you remember to pick appropriate gear for your feet?

Many people forget about their feet when they are getting ready for their big trip, but those are the most important part to any successful trip. If you’re going to be walking to train stations, taking excursions around historical sites, and going for strolls along the beach, you need to make sure your feet are in prime condition. You might be a backpacker or a resort-goer, you still need the best shoes or sandals for your feet.

If you are having a hard time sticking within your budget, you might be inclined to skimp when it comes to shoes- but this would be a huge mistake, and an easily avoidable one at that. Shoes affect your posture, your circulation, and even your attitude. The wrong pair of footwear can create spinal issues over time, regardless of whether or not you are toting around a 40 lb. backpack. If your feet are pinched into the wrong size shoe, your blood flow will be messed up and you’ll find yourself getting uncomfortable fast. With the wrong pair of shoes, you will have blisters and sore feet, wrecking your mood for days.

Vacation time is precious and you don’t want to waste it on feeling sorry over your beat up feet. Fortunately, there are incredible deals, like 60% off over 300 Nike products that can get you equipped and ready for the road at decent prices. Taking good care of your feet and body does not have to be cost-prohibitive. It’s an easy, well worth it investment, considering the fact that you are hoping this trip will be one for the memory books. Make sure your memories of this trip are of all the great sites you see and people you meet, rather than band-aid covered toes, and protect your body from harm.