Situated At the tip of the southern tip of Mexico, the Los Cabos is a popular vacation spot where tourists come to lose their inhibitions. The two towns of Los Cabos – Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo sits as two completely different towns, varying in culture and vibe. San Jose is more like a cultural hot spot, whereas the fun loving Cabo San Lucas is famous for its tequila-fueled party bars. However, no matter which city you prefer, vacations in Los Cabos are always full of adventure and luxury. It suffered a huge deal due to the 2014 Odile Hurricane with over $1 billion in damage, but it managed to spring back to life in no time. There are a lot of activities which you can take part in during your luxurious retreat in Las Cabos, and here are the four must do activities while you’re here.

Photoshoot at El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas or The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is probably the most iconic site of the whole of Los Cabos. Sail to this wonderful location located in the middle of the sea by renting a private yacht. Locally known as El Arco, this is where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. A trip to this iconic sight and the engaging in a photoshoot is a must to activity while you’re here. Enjoy some beautiful margaritas while relaxing on the deck of your boat, followed by the delicious lunch in the middle of the ocean.

Snorkel at Santa Maria Beach

Take a private boat ride to the Santa Maria Beach while enjoying the beautiful blue waters and the incredible marine life you can experience along the way. Look out for dolphins, sharks and if you are extremely lucky, you can see some whales too. Santa Maria is a beautiful, pristine white-sand beach, where you can dive into the crystal clear waters to explore the colourful underwater-world rich with an array of marine life. Indulge in the delicious snacks and beverages served on board while relaxing at the heart of the sea.

Go on a sunset cruise

Get on a luxury yacht and sail into the ocean for a luxurious and relaxing sunset tour. Relax on the deck of your private yacht, watch the beautiful marine life and sip on the various cocktails (including the margaritas featuring Cabo’s famous tequila of course). You can also try your hands on the fishing rods present at your yacht. Enjoy a delicious Mexican lunch served on board. Finally, watch the sun set into the waters of the ocean. The changing colours of the sky and the beautiful waters will surely turn your Cabo trip into one of the most memorable vacation you’ve ever been on.

Play golf at Palmilla Golf Club

Palmilla Golf Club has been ranked as the best golf course in the whole of Mexico. This golf course was the first Jack Nicklaus-signature-designed golf course in Latin America. This ultimate Cabo golf course boasts spectacular views of the surrounding area, offering some incredible vistas of the beaches. The Sea of Cortez can be viewed from all of the 27 holes of the course, and playing at this golf club is surely one of the most luxurious experiences you will get to have in Los Cabo.