Unless it is expressly your intention to laze about on the beach, perhaps get a serious tan and do nothing else at all to complete a vacation of complete relaxation, at some point on your getaway you will yearn for ways through which to keep busy and occupy your mind. But even if you are indeed going away for a vacation of complete relaxation, you’ll very soon find that your mind needs to be occupied in some or other way, so if you’ve perhaps splurged on your plane ticket and your remaining budget barely covers your luxury accommodation and your food, you’ll naturally want to explore some free, fun things you can do while away on your travels.

Between lounging on the beach, taking the occasional dip in the ocean maybe and venturing inland to perhaps meet some locals, the scenery you enjoy as part of your holiday destination should make for the perfect backdrop to set the scene for some holiday entertainment that can be played out online. If you have a nose for the casino slots or tables for instance, trust me, you could really enjoy a Caribbean beachside retreat type of casino session akin to what is offered at the likes of the Bahamas Atlantis Resort in Nassau. You can play fun online pokies games for fun (demo mode) or for real money to add to the excitement, thereby turning whatever picturesque holiday view you enjoy into the most scenic outdoor (or indoor) casino in the world!

Even backpacker’s and budget traveller accommodation options such as hostels offer complementary Wi-Fi as part of their offering these days, so while we’re on the online realm as a platform for free entertainment while you’re away on your travels, if you cannot help but want to catch up on your favourite series, movies or other programmes then you can connect to your Netflix or ShowMax account. Don’t overdo it though because you travel for a reason. I mean there are some things which you can do back at home, but then again on the other hand it does indeed make a difference to your state of being just being in a different environment to your regular one, which is one of the main reasons why most of us travel in the first place.

Alternatively, you can be out and about in one of two ways to make exploring the great outdoors of your destination that much more fun, if just taking in the scenic views and mingling with the locals is not enough. These include engaging in an augmented reality game such as Pockemon Go (give it a chance before you knock it and you might just love), as well as unleashing the inner photographer in you. If you have a good smartphone camera or you’ve packed a dedicated camera, all the fun you have snapping holiday pics can actually even go as far as paying you, if you take the initiative to upload some of your best and most unique snaps to platforms such as Shotshop, which allows you to earn money each time one of your pics is downloaded by various end-users.