Looking to move around town meeting people? You need a car that meets or beats your expectations and helps you experience the time of your life. When we travel around the UK, we do not prefer to take our car around everywhere. Sometimes, we would move across the town in our own car, park it in a safe spot and then hire a car to move around. This not only helps us in saving money but also gives us a chance to remain fresh.

Our small weekend travels

We love travelling and we always like to maintain an elaborate traveling calendar. Every time we get a chance to go out, we love exploring new places in our city and abroad. This has helped us make many new friends as well.

The only problem we face while travelling to nearby places is that we don’t like to drive around too much.

Driving is very tiring and when we travel to new places, we like to keep our driving to the minimum. A small weekend getaway mostly means that we hire a car to go around. This helps us in staying fresh. None of us likes to come back home tired.

After all, we like to get back to work after a nice weekend travel.

How to select the right hire car?

The most important thing you should look for is reliability. We have used many car services in the UK, only to find out that most of them do not provide reliable services. Some of them do not reach on time while others do not keep their cars in good condition. This has ruined our travel experience on many occasions. We always made it a point to avoid those car rental services.

After trying many services, we finally settled on one service- iCareServices. They were always on time and presented beautifully managed cars each time, which helped in enhancing our travel experience.

Before selecting a car hire service, decide if you want to drive yourself or not. Usually, it is better to go for chauffeur driven car hire as they are more reasonably priced. Moreover, we personally find it better to get a chauffeur. If you are partying or with kids, a chauffeur is a far better option. We know many people who party late at night and prefer a chauffeur car hire for safety reasons.

Make sure that the hire service has had enough experience in the field. Working with an experienced car rental company and chauffeurs helps a lot in getting a good travel experience. Moreover, if you are aiming for a lavish travel experience, you can look for the most luxurious chauffeur service in London or elsewhere to get an executive car rental with a chauffeur.

Finally, check the rates of the services. As we travel very frequently, we want reasonable rates but expect quality service too. Ideally, the rates should not be too high or too low. High rates will burn a hole in your pocket while low rates often mean bad quality of service.

We will be travelling this weekend too and using our trusted car hire service. Make sure you find one for yourself too!