Australia is somewhere i always longed to go, apart from all the stereotypes you hear about I wanted to go to taste the real Australia, or at least get a flavour for myself. I am an avid viewer of the BBC’s ‘Wanted Down Under Programme’ so wanted to explore the reality of moving there. I also focus on one Brit who is looking to succeed at January’s Australian Open and how he will do at the most Britishness of experiences – Wimbledon.

On my one month visit I visited all the places that visitors come to such as the Sydney Opera, Ayers Rock and saw the Great Barrier Reef. My favourite had to be Ayers Rock as I have a natural interest in Geography, Geology and how this big chunk of rock happened to be there. Around 700 million years old, I like the fact that so much mystique and mystery would have been around it when earlier humans lived close to it.

However it’s great doing all the sites but I chose to visit several cities in my long ponder as whether to move to Australia or not. I wanted to undergo my own ‘Wanted Down Under’ and see if it is the right move for me – the jury is still out by the way.

One brit who has had had several successful trips to Australia in Andy Murray – his first tournament of the year is the Australian Open and he is in training ready for that event. For the first time however he may miss the tournament if his wife Kim Sears goes into labour with their first child together. He has recently state that he will leave the tournament if the labour is underway and this is an admirable position. However what if he is told the news half way through the final? Murray has reached the final four times but never won the honour so it would be fascinating to see if this situation came up – with babies it might not be that unexpected! After not being able to follow up his Championship at Wimbledon last year Andy will be focusing on trying to build up to Wimbledon next summer. Even though it’s months away you can track Andy Murray’s odds for WImbledon Glory with Betway and stay close to him over the course of the Open.

So i hope that he finds more success than I have so far in my Australian pondering as to whether to move to Australia. It’s OK coming here on vacation but to live and work here is a different matter. Also like Andy’s decision it is a big call when you need to get back home for a family matter but you are thousands of miles from home. In contrast to Murray you also have to pay significant airline fees too. I am getting stressed now – maybe I just stick to the holidays!