When planning a trip to beautiful Dubai, who wouldn’t want to travel and arrive in luxury? No one likes having to travel internationally for a long span of time while being crammed into tight quarters. Upgrading your ticket to first class may be the best decision you can make to be sure that you arrive feeling refreshed and ready to take on the beautiful city.

Why Fly in Luxury in First Class?

Business class offers an entirely different feel from economy. In business class, you are given plenty of space and access to great customer service. A first-class ticket to Dubai may not be as much as you think so check with a local travel agent or airfare provider before making any final decisions. Flying first class can provide you the comforts of home instead of feeling trapped in the air. Oversized, comfortable seats along with complimentary champagne make Dubai’s first-class flights nearly as luxurious as their country.

Sites to See in Dubai

Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Kalifa. With two viewing platforms, you’re sure to get more than just a birds-eye view of the city. In fact, you’ll be able to travel above the clouds in this building, enabling you to see for miles. The Burj Kalifa even boasts an extravagant restaurant atop its 122nd floor. Make sure to book this site in advance so that you can ensure a spot.

The Dubai fountain also offers some fun, being the world’s largest choreographed fountain system. This fountain has over six thousand lights, features twenty-five coloured projectors, and shoots water 150 metres in their air. The fountain is set to music so make sure to bring your dancing shoes because there’s something for everyone, whether Arabic music or contemporary music known worldwide.

The Burj Al Arab is another luxurious site to see. It is the only seven-star hotel you’ll find on the globe and it’s the third-tallest hotel in the world. Inside, if you’re lucky enough to be a guest, you’ll get access to a personal butler, a personal chauffeur driving you around in none other than a Rolls Royce, seventeen different pillow options to ensure your comfort, and even a four-carat gold iPad in your room.

Dubai undoubtedly offers some of the most luxurious experiences and unique structures in the world, all while being reasonably priced.

Things to Do in Dubai

You’ll never be at a shortage of activities to do in Dubai. Home to a mall of over twelve hundred shops, Dubai Mall is sure to get the attention of any shopaholic. This mall’s size makes it almost its own small city and is even home to an ice rink, a theme park, a zoo, and an aquarium.