If you are the main driver in your family then getting behind the wheel is likely to be one of the highlights of your week. Driving is one of life’s great pleasures but do other members of your family get to enjoy it as well?

There are some simple ways of making sure that the kids and even the pets get to enjoy your car as much as you do.


Plan Family Days Out

You may drive to work every day but do the rest of your family have to wait until the weekend before they can enjoy going for a drive? If this is the case then you will want to make a real effort to let them get out in at the weekend. What about planning some fantastic family days out to the beach or to the countryside? These are brilliant opportunities to all pile into the car and have a great trip together. If there is a chance of things getting messy due to mud or sand then you should think about using boot protectors for dogs. Take plenty of snacks and drinks for the journey too and then everyone can relax and enjoy it. Take a look at a list of attractions that are within easy driving distance of your home and you are almost certain to find a few family-friendly things worth doing soon. You will all start looking forward to the weekends more if you have exciting trips in the car lined up each time.

Go Camping

Having a car makes it really easy to get out on a camping trip too. This is something that everyone in your family is likely to love, with kids especially enjoying camping trips usually. There are plenty of top class camping sites all over the world now, while the option of going glamping brings you a more comfortable and stylish experience. Even if you only have time for a short camping trip it can still be a marvellous experience and a way of bonding as a family. Most camping sites are happy to accept families with pets but you will want to check in advance if you are planning to take your dog away with you. If you are going a wilderness camping approach then you will need to take away a fair bit of camping gear, so be sure to take your time and not leave anything behind. With so many people and so much gear in the vehicle you will want to use the likes of BMW, Audi or Land Rover boot liners, as they are designed to fit in perfectly to the corresponding model of car.


Enjoy Some Outdoor Sports

There are few better ways of having fun as a family then going out to play some outdoors sports together. Even the dog is going to get in on the fun if you start playing with a ball or going swimming in the river. You can come up tons of amazing things you can do together outside if you put your mind to it. The first benefit of having a car is that you can all get to your chosen sports spot quickly and without any hassle. You can also take away all of the extra clothes or sport equipment that you need. After the fun and games are over you can all jump in the car for something to eat before all going home with big smiles on your faces.

Just Go for a Drive

There may be some times when you all have just a spare hour or two with nothing planned. Rather than sitting about the house why not suggest that everyone hops in the car for a drive? These spontaneous trips can be great fun if you catch everyone in the right mood. You don’t even have to have anywhere special to go to. Just go with the flow and see where you end up. One interesting idea is to take it in turns to decide whether to take a left or right turn at the next junction. In this way, you are sure to end up somewhere unexpected. Otherwise, you could head to new places that none of you have ever been to. Even if you end up somewhere not particularly exciting it is still a lot better than sitting about at home. In this way, you can all enjoy some time in the car together and go home feeling good about it.