The notion of traveling being fun in and of itself is not unfounded. After all, the journey counts just as much, if not more, than the destination itself, if internet quotes are to go by. Seasoned travelers will probably be on the fence about this, however, and for good reason.

It’s not often that something exciting happens during travel time. In fact, sometimes, while time ticks slowly by and the scenery passes in a flash, suddenly, nothing happens. Absolutely nothing exciting, amazing or status update worthy happens while you sit back and, as per habit, ask yourself: “Are we there yet?” There’s a reason why that question is always a staple during any trip. Think about it.

Sleeping through the entire journey is not always an option, hopefully upheld by the driver. Perhaps you are the navigator, maybe you are assigned to alleviate the driver’s boredom, or maybe you just want to stay awake during the trip in the day so you don’t end up awake all night.


Music will soon get old, reading might cause motion sickness, and nobody likes people who just can’t seem to keep quiet for five minutes. As much as a game of I Spy will never fail to entertain, it tends to get stale if you’re surrounded by mountains and trees, and you may find yourself wanting for more objects than “something green.” You need another way to entertain yourself.

Gambling is entertaining, especially if you have the tendency to win. It’s fun either way, however, and since it has been taken online, it’s rather convenient nowadays. If you and person behind you are not BFF’s, then you can recline your seat, kick back, relax, and play a round on Vegas William Hill spin games, where you might just win. If you win, you can potentially be rewarded with real cash.

Winnings in casino games would not be restricted to only cash nowadays as the rise in cryptocurrency has led to the creation of online crypto games. The multitude in variety of tokens could enable you to transact in different coins based on their value. The popular choices of players would include the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Ripple among others. Some of these coins may also specialize in specific game genres and types. Several sites and blog posts could provide you with More Information than you already know about these games. So, researching could help you find your favourite.

If you think about it, it’s really not a bad deal. You get to keep yourself preoccupied during the banal travel period, and you even have a chance to win a big amount of real money. Mileage always varies with lady luck, but if she’s in a particularly good mood, you might find the trip ahead paid for in spades. The different sets of jackpots goes up to hundreds to thousands to millions of cold, hard cash- now there’s “something green” that is much better than mountains and trees.

Player placing chips on a laptop which shows an online casino - online gambling concept; focus on the chips

Most online casino games are also simple enough that you won’t have a difficult time playing them despite being on the road. It’s not as strategic as chess, and not as stress-inducing as shooting games, so it achieves the delicate balance of being fun and relaxing at the same time. Plus, many casinos provide generous bonuses (for example, 100 Free Spins for $1 Bonus at Royal Vegas Casino) and rewards, so you can have a shot at winning big.

Gambling while traveling is not something you hear often, but it’s a great way to pass the time in the car or even in the hotel if you’re stuck in during a rainy spell, with a chance to win some money on the side.