Planning a luxury vacation while you are on a budget constraint can require a lot of effort. To be able to save and yet enjoy your trips is an art that can be mastered by proper research and planning. To plan a luxury vacation on a small budget here are a few points that you must consider.

1. Setting a budget aside

The most important thing to consider while planning a trip is to set aside a fixed budget. Identifying the amount that you are comfortable spending on your vacation is essential. Without doing this, you might end up with an unpredictable amount of expenses towards your vacation. Budgeting is always a good idea, however, people could always consider planning their dream vacation and getting a loan to cover the costs. Vacation loans (click for more info) are popular amongst those who might not have the funds for a vacation at the time of booking. Perhaps more people could consider looking into that.

2. Selecting a location

Once you know how much you are willing to spend, the next step is to find a place that fits your budget.

Offbeat locations

The best way to stay well under budget while choosing a location is by going for offbeat travel destinations because places that are more popular and are visited by the masses are generally way more expensive. If you take the example of The Brando-Tetiaroa Private Island, you can notice how it is not frequently travelled but still offers all the luxurious advantages that a location has to offer. Similarly, research such locations and plan the trip,

Off-season trip

The next step is to find out the off-season months for that particular city. By planning to visit a destination during the off-season, you can save a lot of money and enjoy the same standard of luxury.

Package deals

Another important thing to remember while selecting a location is to search for package deals. Pre-planned tour packages for your chosen area can help you a lot.

3. Travelling options

Once you are done with selecting a location to visit, the next part is to find options to reach your desired destination. By choosing the right mode of transportation, you can save a significant chunk of your budget.


Search for all the ways to reach your destination and whether the city is accessible by trains, flight, and buses. If it is, then you must compare all the fares to find the cheapest alternative.

Combine deals

Clubbing two or more deals together like airline tickets and accommodations can help you score great discounts. You can also combine deals like flight tickets and car rentals.

Book in advance

The best way to save on flight tickets is by booking your trip in advance. Not just that, you can also book bus and train tickets in advance with websites like which provide fantastic offers on pre-booking. They also provide assistance and customer support for any issues that you might face.

Book flights with halts

One thing that most of us don’t consider while booking flights is the number of halts. Always remember to book a flight with one or more stops. Non-stop flights can be twice as expensive when compared.

Round trips

Most travel booking portals provide exclusive discounts when you book a round trip. These discounts are also applicable to group bookings which can help you save.

4. Searching for accommodations

It is not necessary for a luxury accommodation always to cost more. To make the most of your accommodation within budget, here are a few things that you should remember.

Search areas

Search for all the localities around the city, especially the ones that are only a few minutes away from the major tourist attractions. Once you do this, compare all the locations and select the ones that are the cheapest in terms of accommodation.

Small hotels

Going for smaller hotels can also help you save while booking for accommodation. Hotels that have a limited number of rooms are usually cheaper than the larger ones.

Serviced apartments

If you are planning an extended vacation then searching for furnished or service apartments is highly recommended. By selecting an apartment, you will be able to have all the facilities within your room rather than paying extra for them.

5. Calculating daily expenses

Calculating daily expenses is important to get an exact idea of how much your trip would cost. Small expenses over the course of your vacation can add up to be a significant sum.

Food expenses

Trying to figure out what your daily food cost would be is important in order to add to your overall budget. To save on meals, opting for accommodations with complimentary breakfast can be a very good idea.

Local commuting

Another significant expense that everyone should calculate is local commuting. To save on travelling you must always select an accommodation close to the major tourist attractions.


Trying to research about the entry fee of popular tourist attractions can give you an idea of how much you would end up spending in total. You can also look for discounts on advance booking of these attractions.

6. Making essential cuts

After calculating the entire budget of your trip making small changes or cuts wherever necessary can help you stay on your price point. Staying at least 10% below your final budget is recommended in order to have extra cash in hand.

By following these few simple steps, anyone can plan their trip successfully. This will not only help you organize a luxury vacation but will also help you save wherever possible.