Portugal is one of those places that does not immediately spring to mind, when it comes to imagining the perfect destination for a golfing break. However, one trip to this wonderful country will change your entire outlook, and will leave you aching to return. You will be recommending Portugal to all of your golf friends on the course after your visit.

Portugal – More Than A Sunny Holiday Retreat:

Of course, that is not to say that Portugal is not perfect for this purpose also. So, if your family are looking to tag along with you for an extended weekend break, or indeed for an entire, all out, full blown holiday, then Portugal is the best of both worlds. Your family can relax and enjoy all that this special place has to offer, from the amazing climate, to the clean white beaches – all while you slip off to one of the more than 75 golf courses available to you all over the country of Portugal.

So, When is a Good Time?

Portugal enjoys a wonderfully sunny climate most of the year around. And temperature wise, there really is no “bad” time to visit the country. However, December & January tend to be the wettest months, so if you are hoping to avoid the rain, then your best chances are by avoiding these months. Of course, if these are the only months that are available to you to travel, you may be lucky enough to avoid the rain.

The Selection is Staggering:

When it comes to golf holidays portugal boasts some of the most stunning golf courses in the world, when it comes to scenic views. And the selection of courses available to you is mind boggling – there are even golf resorts and golf hotels, offering up tailored packages to suit every taste and need there may be out there. So no matter where in the country you would like to visit, you are never too far away from a golf course. And with choices such as along the sea, or close to the border to Spain, you are really spoiled for choice.

Online Is Where The Deals Are:

Having a very quick trawl through the deals online will give you an inkling as to the kind of deals that are available when it comes to booking your golf holiday. However, if  you take a more measured approach, you will be certain to come up with a serious deal. There are plenty of offers out there for groups as well, with certain discounts available depending on the size of the party traveling. So, don’t bite too quick – take your time going through the different options, and you will be sure to get the best suited deal.

Portugal – when you get there, it will surely seem like a no brainer – a place you won’t believe that you have overlooked for all this time. You won’t be able to recommend this place highly enough to your golf colleagues upon your return!