Skiing is for the brave, for the adventurous, for adrenaline junkie and for everyone else who just wants to have a lot of fun. An outdoor sport where you can experience speed, serious air and a mouthful of snow if it’s your first couple of times. Having a ski trip with your buddies or with family can make for an awesome vacation, or might be a good solo getaway from the big city.

The ride down the slopes with twin planks will be a scary and amazing one, but is one of the many scenarios in which the term yolo should not be applicable. A certain amount of respect for the sport is required, which you can show by making ample preparations, acknowledging that failure to do so can end you up flat on your face.

Beach bodies, by term, would be quite ironic to strive for if you will be hitting the slopes. However, while you do not need to be ripped, skiing is still a sport, and you do much better at any sport if your body is ready for it. You will have a much smoother ski experience if you have decent coordination, reasonable endurance, good balance and, of course, proper form.


However, regardless of your fitness level, don’t be too discourage from trying out skiing. As a contrast to the above, anyone can also play any sport if they really want to, but performance will vary.

In terms of clothing, layers are often the best bet. It’s easy to see the slopes and think of how chilly it will be, when sometimes the weather is actually quite nice. Layers will make sure that you will be able to strip down if you get too hot, or pad up if the weather turns against you.

In terms of skiing equipment, casual skiers will most likely rent rather than buy their own set. However, those who prefer the latter, often consider buying them from the Internet. For instance, those who require ski and snowboard helmets or gloves and goggles, often look at OutdoorMaster. However, when it comes to skis, poles, and bindings, people usually opt for the option of rentals. This might be because they are more affordable as rentals. Anyway, wherever you are looking, maybe you’re searching for ski rentals Vail way, ski resorts always have equipment waiting for you to try on and get out there! Make sure the surface is waxed and the edges sharpened, and look out for any cracks on the surface of the planks. Those who really ski often will have to keep an eye on more in depth maintenance.


Accommodation should not be too difficult, since a lot of skiing sites are already dotted with all sorts of lodging options, and mileage will vary with your budget. If at all possible, however, opt for a skiing chalet. While it also depends on taste, skiing chalets will give the most authentic experience out in the mountains, given their design and nature. They often come in the shape of log cabin-looking establishments, with the interior decorated to feel warm, cozy and comfortable.

Finally, and this goes especially for those on their first ski trip, do not bite off more snow than you can chew. Not only is it terribly unsanitary, but one wrong move can send you down the mountainside in a less graceful way than you initially imagined- brutal both to your body and to your confidence. It may be tempting to go on steeper slopes right away, especially with friends egging you on, but listen to the instructor and only challenge slopes you are confident with.