Cape Cod, a beautiful hook shaped peninsula of Massachusetts, is an ideal vacation destination for families. It is home to charming small villages, quaint seafood shacks, historic lighthouses, public ponds and scenic ocean beaches. In Hyannis, the famous John F. Kennedy Museum is located in the center of downtown, where the ferry leaves from downtown. The museum has special exhibits dealing with the events surrounding the historic presidential visits to the region.

Cape Cod has two ferry boat stations. These are located at Buzzards Bay and Oak Harbor. You can use the ferry to travel between the two destinations. There is also an airport on the island and it is accessible by several highways and bridges.

If you decide to drive, you will find that the city is quite beautiful. There are many historic buildings in the area. Some of the most important ones are the Old Town Hall and the Museum of Art. The architecture of the buildings is very distinctive and the people who live there reflect the rich history of the town.

The cultural events of the town are very important as well. There are numerous live music performances at the Town Hall during most weeks of the year. In addition, the annual Jazz Festival draws hundreds of visitors. There is also the regional opera, chamber opera, and play.

In addition to all these cultural activities, you will find that the city has plenty to offer outdoors as well. There are lovely hiking trails around the city as well as beautiful beaches and ponds. A nice hiking trail around the perimeter of the city will take you right into the harbor. This will give you a unique vacation experience.

Cape Cod is one of the most scenic cities in the entire country. It is simply breathtaking. That is why it is such a great idea to take a trip there on vacation. You would not regret your decision. After all, what could be better than taking a trip to a charming city filled with beautiful people and breathtaking scenery?

Another reason to go there on vacation is because it has a small but incredibly rich history. There are numerous historical sites that you would be able to visit. Some of them are incredibly interesting. Others you would simply be able to explore through the city and its tourist attractions.

You can always plan a little extra travel time to include things like the aquarium and botanical gardens. When it comes to traveling, you should have a lot of extra time available. In fact, some people would suggest that you plan more trips to Cape Cod whenever possible. This way, you would be able to squeeze in as much variety into your trip as possible. If possible, travel to this amazing city during any month that has four seasons.

Finally, the weather in Cape Cod is usually perfect year round. There are only few days during the winter when the weather can become very cold. It is very rare to ever experience a bad day in June or July. The winds from above usually help circulate warm air, keeping the temperature pleasant and comfortable. If you travel to cape cod on vacation, you would surely not regret your decision to come here.