Don’t you think that island resorts or beach resorts are perhaps the best place for spending your honeymoon? For an anniversary couple’s trip or for a romantic getaway for a few days, such island and beach resorts are a perfect choice And if you have villas by the beach, it is a sealed deal! While looking for the best combination of a beach and a villa, websites such as Exceptional Villas could help you figure out your dream vacation! But there are numerous beaches and islands all over the world! So. which are the most romantic ones that could be ideal either for your first honeymoon or for your first-anniversary outing? Wouldn’t it be easier for you if you could get a shortlist of the best places to visit and the things to do? Here is a list for you.

  • Resort: Peter Island Resort & Spa in British Virgin Island

Why you would love it: You will find 5 different stretches of sand which hug this private island resort and with its fine dining and water sports like snorkeling gear, kayaking and paddle boarding, you can turn your honeymoon into an adventure. You can also book the Honeymoon Beach for a private afternoon gourmet picnic spread.

Romantic Perk: Honeymoon couples will receive a complimentary bottle of wine which is best enjoyed either at the bathtub or at the rooftop. The resorts have loft ladders through which you can reach to get the outer view from your room. You can use these to soak in the splendid weather outside.

  • Resort: El Secreto at Belize

Why you would love it: This is a brand new eco-chic boutique located at the top of San Pedro island and the best part about this island is that it is not coordinated through GPS and doesn’t even have an address. Hence if you wish to visit a secluded place, this is perhaps the best place for you. The white stretches of sand will seductively call you to just sit and relax.

Romantic Perk: Once you spend a morning snorkeling at this famous barrier reef and get a glimpse of the splendid rainbow, you wouldn’t want to return back to your home. If you need some more action, you can visit San Pedro for dinner.

  • Resort: Four Seasons Resort Hawaii at Hawaii

Why would you love it: The Four Seasons, located in Hawaiian island is owned by Larry Ellison, owner of Oracle and this resort sits on the Manele Bay. It is home to some of the killer views where you are given the chance to do scuba diving, snorkeling right on the beach. The tropical gardens are an addition and hence once you get to know about this, you would never feel like leaving the ground.

Romantic Perk: The resort is perfect for couples who would love to have private dinner that are arranged on the beach followed by spa treatments. You would feel like you’re in heaven in those thatched huts experiencing spa of the best quality.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to enjoying your honeymoon, you may visit the above mentioned hotels and resorts to reap the mentioned benefits. Make the most out of those few days so that it remains etched in your mind.