Ibiza is known for its party reputation. But when you travel here for your holiday, one of the best memories that you will take home with you is the fabulous sunsets. You can see sunsets all over the island, and they really are incredible spectacles. Here are a few of the top destinations for you to enjoy a truly special sunset when you stay in Ibiza.

The Sunset Strip


The name says it all. The Sunset Strip is a stretch of coast in San Antonio where you will find not just stunning beaches but a number of bars and restaurants, all of which make for a great place to spend the last few hours of the day.

Two bars are particularly famous for watching sunsets: Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar. You may have already heard of these bars when you start planning your Ibiza 2015 holiday. The sunsets are made into real events here, where hundreds of people will chill out and listen to DJs playing the right tracks to get everyone in the mood.

But although you should do at least one sunset at one of these bars, anywhere along the Sunset Strip will provide you with a special sunset to remember.

Cala Benirras


Far from the crowds of San Antonio, Cala Benirras is up in the northwest of the island. It is a peaceful bay that used to be popular with hippies decades ago, and you will often find people playing bongo drums as the sun goes down. As well as the great beach, you’ll find a few places to get drinks and snacks, making it the ideal place to spend the afternoon and evening.

Es Vedra

Es Vedra is one of the most mystical places in Ibiza, so what better place to enjoy a stunning sunset? This island is not far off Cala d’Hort, and it is said to be the remaining tip of the mythical city of Atlantic. The best place to watch the sun go down here is to walk to Torre des Savinar at the top of the cliffs. From this tower, you will find the views over the sea spectacular at any time of the day, but they are especially good at sunset.

Cala Conta


This beach is about a 15 minute journey from San Antonio, making it easy to reach. By day it’s a busy little beach with lots of facilities, and by night more people arrive to listen to the DJs play their sunset tracks. There are some good restaurants here, so grab yourself a table and enjoy the show.

Enjoy Ibiza’s Stunning Sunsets

There are plenty of other places to view sunsets for example, why not rent boats in ibiza to get these amazing views from the sea. Indeed, anywhere along the west coast will provide you with an impressive spectacle, so it depends whether you want to watch the sun go down with hundreds of revellers or on your own on a quiet stretch of beach. Whatever you prefer, you’ll find the perfect way to watch the sun go down in Ibiza, and the sunsets here are certain to be one of your lasting memories of your time here.

Madison Harrison’s first introduction to the Mediterranean islands was aboard a cruise more than fifteen years ago. Since then, she has devoted her time to exploring the best locales and sites across the Mediterranean and sharing her insights on travel blogs. Keep in touch with Ibiza events on Twitter.