Each travel destination in California has something different, so be sure to take the extra time to discover the right fit for you perfect vacation. To help with this, here are ten California beach getaway locations that highly recommend. From miles of golden sand to quiet beaches, these are the best for both romantic and fun times spent on the beach.

North Carolina Beach In North Carolina, visitors can find an abundance of vacation rentals in the famous Outer Banks region. Located between Cape Hatteras and the Atlantic Ocean, this area is popular for its great beaches, great fishing, and affordable accommodations. A lot of parents of the students studying in this region tend to visit them and explore the scenic beauty of the place during their stay. People like them tend to stay at hotels nearby to their child’s school or university. For instance, if a student is in the University of North Carolina, the family can search for a Hotel near UNC online to get suitable hotels for their stay. It can then be convenient for them to explore the popular places in the vicinity. Two of the most popular beaches to visit are Folly Beach in Blowing Rock and Wild Dunes at Crystal Palms. With miles of North Carolina beach getaway coastline, visitors are certain to see the popular beach hangout known for its awesome waves.

Surf City, North Carolina: The fastest growing city in the state, Surf City is nestled among the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by the quiet Folly Beach, Surf City homes offer everything from seclusion to excitement. The North Carolina Beach getaway here includes the popular surf city known as Folly Beach, which hosts the famous Surf City Surf Festival. Other popular beaches include Balmy Beach, Buzz Lagoon, Oak Bluff, Pine Knoll, Bear Beach, Indian Beach, and Point Loma.

Southern California: A number of popular southern California beach getaway destinations are located just a short distance from Los Angeles. San Diego, with its over 300 beaches is known to be home to famous hotels like Holiday Inn Surf and Sand Hotel. San Francisco, on the other hand, is home to world-class attractions like Presidio Park, Sea World, and the Embarcadero. With inexpensive hotels and delicious seafood, tourists can enjoy many of Southern California’s most popular attractions.

San Diego: There is no shortage of things to do in San Diego, from kayaking in Mission Bay to relaxing at Paradise Point — it is considered to be a popular san diego mission bay resort. San Diego is also known to be the home to the famous baseball and football franchises. It is also home to the original Wild Animal Park, the beautiful Sea World, and the world-famous zoo. The San Diego State University has a great outdoor weather park, and the Aztec Ruins are a sight to behold. The San Diego Zoo features several types of animals, including elk, moose, deer, and whales.

Orange County: There are a number of beautiful beaches and destinations in Orange County, home to Hollywood and the Garden City. Orange County is well known for its easy transportation links from the larger cities, and its beaches are very affordable compared to other beach getaway locations. Moreover, Orange Country also has some great luxury beachfront properties that can be perfect as a vacation home. Many websites such as https://beachcoast.com offer their expert services to help seeking travelers find their perfect vacation home in one of the beautiful coastal towns! Most Orange County towns feature three or more beaches that are affordable and offer a great view of the ocean. Orange County’s coastline has several popular Orange County restaurants for travelers to enjoy.

Pacific Coast: If you are looking for a beach getaway with even more natural beauty, the Pacific Coast offers you the opportunity to do so. The Pacific Coast features beautiful, powdery white sand beaches and beautiful palm trees. There are dozens of Pacific coast towns such as Laguna Beach that offer you spectacular views of the Pacific ocean. Further up the coast, you have the likes of Newport Beach that offers a large range of activities such as these Newport Beach yacht rentals. Each of these beautiful beach towns have their own unique appeal.

Florida The Sunshine State has a few beach getaway locations, including the Florida Keys, which is located off the coast of Miami. The Florida Keys offer visitors a beautiful tropical environment filled with great fishing, golfing, and water sports. In addition to the many beautiful beaches, there are a variety of fishing charters in the Keys, many of which cater to vacationers looking for the ultimate getaway. Other notable Florida beach getaway locations include Saint Lucia and Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, along the Gulf coast of Alabama, and the Florida Everglades.