When travelling away, whether backpacking round the world for a year or even just a weekend break with the family, there are always things we need to take to keep us occupied, no matter how relaxed you are. Of course, when you go on holiday there are those essential items that you must remember, but after they are sorted you can think for when you are there. Thankfully, because of the technology available to us, we have a wider range of options available to us, usually all on one device. The apps available allow you to pick features that suit your needs and ensure everything is available in an instant.

For a significant amount of us a holiday means a time to relax and when you are sitting round the pool you now see many people with a book, or a kindle, to pass the time and read whilst they relax. Whilst taking your favourite books is still a necessity on any travel checklist, for those of you that don’t like reading, or even for an alternative there are still many options out there. The technology we have now at our disposal makes it very easy to keep yourself entertained whilst away. There are over one million apps available, which means that anyone, any age, in the family can download something for hours of fun. There are traditional board games for the kids, and you can even try your luck with casino games for the adults! Coral have a range of games that can keep you occupied, from casino games to bingo and the Irish lotto amongst others. This will allow you to have fun for a long time, and who knows you might hit the jackpot whilst on holiday!

The advancement of technology means that when we do go away the options are there for us, as mentioned even the traditional method of reading books is done via a kindle in many cases, highlighting how far things have come. That enhanced quality applies to our smartphones too, we have many options that our apps provide us with. They even recommend games and show you the most popular ones which can help you choose what games are for you, reading content on what each game is about before you download it. When it comes to using the apps themselves, the quality of the graphics and the sounds are also excellent which is beneficial to the user.

Whilst we would never advocate going on holiday just to sit on your phone or tablet, this is just demonstrating how things have changed for the better. Whether it is mulling around waiting for baggage at the airport, or sitting in the hotel or in a taxi of out, with your device in hand, you are only a few clicks away from having a game.