A summer camp is has the potential to be one of the greatest experiences in a young kid’s life. It’s a couple of days away from the parental unit, more time with kids in the same age group, and a chance to focus on personal goals and achievements without the distractions and pressures of a typical day in the city.

For older kids, it’s a chance to expand networks, challenge personal perspectives, hone skills and maybe even get a better look at the elusive bigger picture. Summer camps are an opportunity for enrichment and general well-being, as well as a shot at a productive yet fun week.

For the parents that will actually be doing the preparation of sending their kids to summer camp, however, it might not be as fun- especially during the first time.

So many things have to be taken into consideration when sending your kid to summer camp, since, as a rule, you won’t be going with them. Of course, there’s the budget, the actual program itself, as well as the little details that nobody enjoys going over. As the engaged requires the wedding planner, the distressed parent needs advisers.


Finding tips for camps can be a bit difficult simply because of the vast choices of summer enrichment programs across the country, so having a website like Tips on Trips really saves you a lot of time, effort and eventually, money. The website has a lot of information readily available for you to crawl through, all in one place. This is infinitely better than stringing together bits and pieces of information across different sites on the internet or word of mouth.

If the website isn’t enough, then you can get on the phone with one of the advisers on the team to get more in depth information. The best thing about it is that most, if not all, the advisers empathize with your stress, being parents themselves. A lot of them have a lot of experience handling and coordinating with kids and parents, so you will find them rather accommodating.


You’ll be able to build a summer enrichment program that centers around what your kids are interested in and creating a safe and productive environment, all within a budget that you set. For college kids, it may be the chance for them to understand the importance of focusing on a goal for the future, without having the pressure that the best of us tend to underestimate sometimes.

Aside from the website and talking on the phone, there’s a lot of material for you to review if you’re still on the fence, like DVD’s and brochures- the whole deal. This should help out the most (rightfully) worrisome of parents.

All in all, the team was able to give us a lot of important and in depth information about summer camps, and, most importantly, they were qualified to give such information. Tips on Trips is a great source of information as well as peace of mind, and should probably be first on the checklist when preparing for the year’s summer trip.