Are you thinking about staying in the UK this summer? Well, there are still plenty of adventures that await explorers eager to journey across the British Isles. You should certainly think about taking a trip down to some of the most glorious areas of Britain’s coast. There, you’ll find incredible rock formations, captivating views of aqua blue oceans and winding paths that are a pleasure to walk. Here are the top five picks for the best coastal paths to explore in Britain.

Old Harrys Rock, Dorset

Thought to be named after a Pirate, Old Harrys Rock certainly lives up to its name with coastal formations dating back to the Jurassic period. With the stunning rock formations, you’ll certainly feel like you were back in a time when beasts roamed the earth. This coastal path truly is a sight to behold.

In the spring and summer seasons, you’ll be surrounded by an array of different colorful flowers from Poppies and Harebells to the unique pink Pyramidal Orchids. Of course, it’s not just the beauty of these flowers that should encourage you to walk this path but the scents. The smell of the flowers mixes beautifully with the ocean air for an intoxicating aroma.

As for the views, you’ll be able to see for miles across the ocean on a clear day. Anyone visiting Dorset should not miss this great opportunity.

White Cliffs Of Dover, Kent

There will be blue birds over the…you know the rest. This iconic location isn’t just known for that classic song but the incredible spectacle. To see the white cliffs in their fully glory, you need to be out on the ocean. But walking along the cliffs is an incredible experience in itself. Of course, the reason to visit the White Cliffs is not just the splendid view which is nevertheless spectacular. Nor is it to discover whether the actual location can live up to the poetry. Rather, it’s to visit a place that holds a great national meaning. Be sure to visit in the midst of summer for warm temperatures and an ocean that sparkles as though it’s made of crystals.


If you’re visiting Formby, your first impression may leave a lot to be desired. But give it time and journey a mile or so away from the urban central town. There, you’ll find a sand covered coastal paradise with some of the best dunes in Britain. Not too far from liverpool, this provides a great walk on a day out. You might even spot some red woodland squirrel who have set up home here. Although it’s best appreciated in the warm clutches of summer, Formby makes for a nice winter stroll too. Just make sure you wrap up well.


Off to Wales? Be sure to visit Stackpole for a coastal walk along ancient limestone with swirling aqua-green waters below. The water cuts into the coast in fantastic ways here creating small crevices and caves. On the path above, you can spot an abundance of wildlife including gannets. It’s a popular nesting area for these coastal birds, and you’re bound to hear one or two chirps as you explore the landscape. The ancient rock formations make for some incredible photo opportunities too.


Or finally, you can head to Torridon in Scotland. There, you’ll find rustic shades across the landscape, and ice cold waters stretched out below. Grazing on the nearby mountains, keen eyes are sure to sport magnificent wild deer. These red deer can often be seen roaming the hillsides and perfectly complete a tremendous view that includes gorgeous lochs and hills dotted with flora.

As you can see, there are plenty of adventures still left to take – just make sure you take the right gear with you and make sure you get fit for your adventures.