With the summer vacation season upon us, people everywhere are planning their summer getaways. They’ve got their checklists ready with their holiday essentials, checked out websites like https://thehermoza.com/collections/hermoza-littles, and did their research on the best deals, yet there has been no decision on where to go. This can be rather perplexing as the world is literally at one’s feet which makes selecting a vacation spot difficult. Take some stress off and consider visiting one of these top travel destinations.


If a tropical venue appeals to you, then the Maldives are for you. With numerous private accommodations offering oceanfront access, visitors here will want to take in the breathtaking marine life such as the sparkling coral reefs. Get even closer on a scuba diving expedition.

Liège, Belgium

For connoisseurs of food and art, Liege is a great selection. The city offers some of the best European cuisine including their trademark meatballs and French fries. Trying it is a must for any guest. The new Boverie Museum is another point of interest offering some of the finest Belgian art.


Gambling fans would enjoy a visit to Macau. This venue has become the most popular place for gambling even surpassing Las Vegas. The largest casino in the world, which is sure to please any gamblers include those who plays on mobile casino, is located here. The Venetian Macau has a casino floor that is over a million square feet. Both table games and gaming machines are found here.

Casablanca, Morocco

An exotic destination, the city has seen growth and has even more luxury accommodations for guests including the Four Seasons. The tallest skyscraper in Africa is being built here, the Al Noor Tower.

Rio de Janiero

Sports fan may want to head down to the Brazilian city which will be the site of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Also, consider taking in the sunny beaches including Ipanema and Copacabana Beach.

These five holiday destinations offer unique characteristics for a wide variety of travelers. Of course, many other places exist for travel. The world is your oyster when planning your summer holiday.