As a sea-fishing enthusiast, why restrict yourself to UK waters? Many European destinations have a lot to offer those keen on the sport, so heading just a little further afield can open up great new experiences.


If you are used to fishing in the cold waters around Northern Britain, you could head further north for a Scandinavian fishing trip. Norway boasts a range of packages at various destinations all tailored to the fishing fan. There are breaks with guides to lead you through Norway’s shoreline fishing opportunities, as well as boat trips for deep sea fishing. Fjord fishing at locations like Solbergfjorden are a great introduction to sea fishing, by offering more sheltered conditions than on the open sea, but still allowing opportunities to catch catfish, halibut, coalfish, pollock and cod. Another great northern destination is Iceland.  Amidst the stunning landscape with ancient geysers, there are opportunities for salmon and trout fishing in rivers and glacial lakes, as well as coastal fishing trips for Atlantic cod, halibut and pollock.


Canary Islands

For a more southerly Atlantic destination, the Canary Islands are good choice. Try the island of La Gomera, with the volcanic landscape providing excellent hiking routes in varying degrees of difficulty for those who want a range of outdoor pursuits. The big game fishing season runs from around April to November, although sea fishing trips are available year round. In season you could catch big game species such as Blue Marlin, swordfish and yellow-fin, blue-fin and big-eye tuna. Some trips provide equipment; otherwise it is an excuse update your kit.


The Portuguese islands also offer excellent destinations for those keen on big game fishing in the Atlantic. The Azores islands are well-known for their Blue Marlin population.  Off the Portuguese coastal waters, the Marlin season runs from around June to October, dependent on water temperatures. There are both organised fishing trips and charter boat hire available. Besides the marlin, you can fish for Amberjack, tuna and swordfish as well. The volcanic Azores islands offer a warm climate, with great opportunities for hiking and bird watching as well as fishing. Alternatively, try the Portuguese island of Maderia, another great spot for big game species. Hire a charter boat to fish for marlin, swordfish and tuna. Marlin season runs from around May to August, followed by Wahoo game fishing, running from September to January.



For a Mediterranean trip with a lot to offer, try a city break in Barcelona. As the cultural centre of the Catalonia region of Spain, Barcelona has a vibrant arts scene and renowned architecture but the coastal location makes it a base for Mediterranean fishing as well. Organised trips and boat hire are available almost year round, thanks to the climate.