Travel blogging can be a full time vocation and a good companion to any other kind of writing. Travel writing is a competitive field, but the rewards can be great. And blogging can give you a real sense of how much people love to read about traveling. Traveling on a budget is one of the most common reasons people blog. But not everyone who blogs about traveling has their own travel blogs. There are many bloggers who blog about vacationing but have no connection to any destinations.

Travel blogging is an overcrowded field and it becomes even busier by the minute. After all, the concept of earning money to travel the globe sounds like an incredible thing to attempt to do. You get to see wonderful, exotic locations on someone else s dime just through the power of your computer’s word processing software! Traveling requires perseverance, writing requires skill and patience. And the writing to reach millions of audiences requires an internet connection, which most of us already tend to have from reputed internet providers in philadelphia, or elsewhere.

However, before you even start blogging about a particular travel destination, you need to decide what kind of subject will be right for your first blog. The first thing you need to play around with is the overall theme of your travel blogging. An obvious choice is to start blogging about an area of the globe that you are very familiar with, such as your own home country.

The reason this is the best theme for travel blogging is that you already know something about your subject and so you can make your first blog related to your own travel experiences and experience in an easy-going way. For example, if you had made a family vacation to Disney World a few years back and are considering writing a travel blog on that same subject, try to make it a “family vacation to Disneyland” blog. That way, it will be easier for you to relate to your readers. You can even add a bit of reality by acknowledging that you’ve never been to the theme park yourself.

Other popular themes for travel blogging include romantic getaways, skiing holidays, art and culture, travel destinations based on popular culture, and Hollywood themed blogs (think Sex and the City or Scandal). If you’re interested in a more laid back theme, consider a blog about a single city, such as San Francisco, instead of a global travel theme like “the next destination”. In this case, you can focus on a city’s unique features and share fun facts or interesting trivia about the city. For instance, if you happened to be born in Washington D. C., you could write a travel blog on things to do or see there. You could also use the Washington D.C. as a starting point and write about the other parts of the United States or Canada instead.

My favorite travel blog ever was started by a person who started it simply as a personal project and blogged about his or her adventures around the globe. A few years later, that blog became hugely popular with readers, and it turned out to be so popular, Bluehost was hosting it as its primary webhost. Travel blogging isn’t just about starting a blog; it’s about making the blog as successful as possible. You can start making money online without costing any money by selling your own products or services related to the topic. Just remember that if you want to make money from blogging, you have to offer people something of value first.