This may sound a little bit crazy but yes, it is possible and I did it. I have always been a very adventurous person so this was something I had planned all along. Travelling is a hobby. Of course I did not go to Europe directly. I had to take a detour to the United States of America. It is always advisable to do your booking online. It will save you unnecessary hassle. The best website is It offers the best prices for leisure travelers such as me. It also offers the best hotel bookings in many parts of the world including Europe. They don’t charge any reservation fees for bookings via the website.

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The journey was very eventful. Europe is just a wonderful continent with many beautiful features. It can get really cold so I can tell you for free that the best time to plan this is from April to June. The weather will be bearable at this time. I got to visit so many places that writing it all down would constitute something close to a novel. However, there are two places that indeed did stand out for me throughout the entire journey. One of them is Paris in France. It was truly magical. From the way the city lit up at night to the friendliness of the French. I loved the wine and exotic cuisine in Paris. Of course I got to see the Eiffel tower. It is indeed a sight to behold. The other place was Tuscany in Italy. What really caught my eye was the rich Italian culture. This is because Italian renaissance begun at this point. There is a small area near the shore called Castiglione della Pescaia. It gets millions of visitors because of the exquisite beauty. The memories I have of those places will remain with me forever.

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From my experience, Europe is truly a fantastic continent to tour. All you need is a good plan of course including the best deals you can get. I hope what I gave will be good enough to guide you on that trip of a lifetime.