In order to make the most out of any trip you take abroad, especially if you’re going to be a while wherever it is you’re going, we always want to make our stay as comfortable as possible. As much as you enjoy travelling, there’s still no place like home with all the comforts your own space offers as a result of you being able to essentially arrange and rearrange everything the way you like. You could be staying at a five-star hotel with all the luxury and comfort it offers and yet it’ll still just never feel like home. It’ll never offer you the comfort of familiarity your home gives you and the freedom to just be.

Be that as it may however, we’d still love to make our travels as comfortable as possible and this includes where you’ll be lodging. For most travellers the closer they could make their holiday accommodation to their home living environment, the closer they get to enjoying the comforts of home. Unfortunately that often just means you’d have to pack in more of your stuff, like your favourite set of towels — all four of them including one soft and small one for your face, another smaller one which you use as a hand-towel, one thick, soft and thirsty one to dry your hair with, and one more which you use to dry your body with. Sure, you could always ask for extra towels, depending on where you’re staying and depending on what kind of accommodation you’re lodging in, but these types of things are just never the same.

There are a lot of ways through which we try and make the space around us comfortable and if it means bringing more of your stuff along with you to your holiday destination, that would automatically incur additional fees for oversized luggage on all major airlines, especially if you’re going on a long-haul flight.

If you insist on bringing along everything that will make your getaway as close to your home comforts as possible yet you still want to travel light, simply make use of the services of a parcel delivery company, like TNT Direct. You’ll probably have to plan ahead by about two to three days however and perhaps arrange with the hotel or resort you’ll be staying in to receive the package before or around your arrival. So you’ll effectively be sending a parcel or more to yourself (to your holiday destination) and not have to worry about leaving anything behind, while you travel light with your regular checked-in luggage on the aircraft as well as your hand-luggage.

Specialised international parcel delivery companies such as these which have a global reach allow you to send parcels as far as China and as long as your sent parcels comply with the parameters, travelling light will never again have to mean you must leave some of your things behind, especially some of those things which will make your stay abroad as comfortable as you’d like.