A holiday on the Greek island of Corfu or Kerkyra, as it is locally known, is a dream come true. From soaking up in the warm sun on the sandy beaches to exploring the lush green vegetation and taking in the ancient ambiance of a country steeped in history, Corfu has it all.

It is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular destinations to think of whenever there is talk of taking a vacation. In fact, to give its patrons some of the best experiences, there are corfu luxury villas, with all the luxury that one can expect.

The budget travelers need not worry, however. This is because almost all tour operators have come up with packages offering cheap all Inclusive holidays to Corfu. The offers are so lucrative that this has enabled many couples and families to realise their dream of visiting this oceanic paradise.

What to do in Corfu

Corfu is a place where it is very difficult for any visitor to get bored. It offers many man-made and natural wonders like:

  • Beautiful and Serene Beaches: Corfu has many different types of beaches on offer from the sandy to the rocky. Yet each is beautiful in its own way and attracts and entices visitors equally. Some of the important and unique beaches of Corfu are:
    • Nissaki which is well known for its picturesque, romantic and almost dreamy aquamarine waters of the sea,
    • Avlaki, famous for its crescent shape and calm and serene nature making it a perfect beach for family with kids,
    • Koulora, a pebbled beach surrounded with lush green trees making it almost seem like an oasis,
    • Paleokastritsa or the beach of the old castle is probably the most famous and most visited beach of Corfu. It offers stunningly crystal clear waters with great opportunities for snorkelling
  • Historical Sites: Corfu is an island with a history spanning thousands of years. This jewel of the sea was invaded by numerous conquerors, all of whom have left their footprints on the sands of time. Some of the more famous historical sites which never fail to impress tourists are:
    • Byzantine Basilica Church which dates back to before 450 AD,
    • Achilleion Palace or Sisi as it is commonly known, is a beautifully constructed summer palace built by Elisabeth of Bavaria who was the then Empress of Austria,
    • Royal Palace which is actually the Palace of St Michael and St George was built during the period of British domination between the time period of 1814 to 1824 and still stands in its full glory,
    • Other fortresses like the Old and the New Fortresses present in the town of Corfu etc.
  • Greek cuisine: Mediterranean cuisine other than being obscenely palatable and gastronomically delicious is also one of the healthiest cuisines of the world. With local taverns and restaurants specialising in Greek dishes, it is absolutely mandatory for every tourist to give in to the mouth-watering aromas which come wafting from them. Thus tourists feasting on the traditional Mussaka, grilled seafood like squid, octopus, fresh sea-fish etc. or even Greek salads are a common sight. Of course no trip to Corfu is complete without the sampling of deserts like Baklava, Galaktobureko or the Greek spoon sweets.

Horse-riding, water-sports, car safari, mountain bike tours etc., are some other attractions which are on offer for tourists visiting Corfu. Irrespective of whether the tourist avails of the cheap all Inclusive holidays to Corfu package or comes on a personalised itinery, the energetic island of Corfu has a lot of exciting things to offer and is a must-see for all tourists.