If you’ve been through the mainstream education system (primary/elementary school; high school; tertiary education) and you’re even in the slightest bit observant, you would have realised that the learners who generally did extremely well academically tend to deviate a little from what would perhaps be expected of them when they reach the tertiary education level. It’s true and perhaps you may be one of them, but those straight-A students who were killing it academically in high school either don’t make it all the way through university, they barely make it through or they choose to pursue their studies and subsequent career in fields which one would not expect of them to even entertain.

You’ll find a former high-school straight-A student choosing to do something like Liberal Arts or something along those lines, as opposed to perhaps pursuing studies in Engineering, etc. This is not to say Liberal Arts is a lesser field of study — it’s just a case in point. I mean, a degree in Engineering is definitely much more challenging to obtain than one from the Humanities or Arts faculty…

This is just an indication of how varsity life is somewhat of a concentrated flavour of “real life.” You need to have a balance and as much as your varsity days are all about getting that qualification you’re ultimately after, you still need to strike a balance. That’s why students need to travel much more than the average student does because if you think it’s hectic during your varsity days, you’re in for a real shock once you’ve finished studying, you’ve entered the jobs market and your responsibilities have tripled.

More Time Off

Although balancing academics with what is perhaps the most exciting period of your life is extremely demanding and takes up a lot of your time in itself, in relation to those who are slogging away to earn a living in the corporate sector, students enjoy a lot more time off. In addition to the extended winter or summer holidays, if you work your affairs out just right you can enjoy a lot more time off as a student. If your exam schedule has the last of your exams ending quite some time before the holidays kick in proper, this is just one example of how much more free time you can utilise to perhaps plan a nice trip away.

Huge Savings and Discounts Available

What students immediately think of when one talks about the savings and discounts they can enjoy in relation to travelling are the direct savings and discounts offered, like student airfares and student booking rates. This is definitely a good place to look, despite the fact that these offers are in fact used to slap you right across the face with (you can’t miss them), but enjoying vastly reduced costs associated with your travels should incorporate all the discounts students get, like your student bus pass or any other discount you get from any sector. Students might also want to think about other discounts they can get, especially if they are splashing out on travels; it would mean they need cheap food like that from the Click Marketplace or something similar. It’s always best to have a plan and a budget if you are trying to travel cheap and shopping online for discounts in everything you buy is your first step to knocking some digits off that end price.

All the savings you’ve enjoyed on food discounts throughout the semester could add up to an extra day out on vacation, for instance, or could even earn you a class-upgrade on your next plane ticket.

Either way, students should indeed be travelling much more to balance out their demanding academic lives.