Summer is finally upon us, and Britons everywhere are heading to the beach. Whether that means a few nights in the Algarve or a quick day-trip down to Brighton, there’s plenty of reasons to bring a cotton bag with you.

They’re Easily Washable

Cotton doesn’t require any special care, and it can be easily tossed in the washing machine at the end of your trip – along with all your other sunny-time clothes – without you having to worry about damaging the fabric. If it does happen to get dirty while you are soaking up the sun, it will be easy to clean.


They’re Affordable

At the end of the day, a cotton bag is never going to be one of your treasured belongings. Things often go missing when you take them to the beach, so there’s no need to bring anything too expensive. A cotton bag is incredibly functional, but you won’t need to shed any tears if it does happen to go astray.

They’re the Ideal Weight

Plastic bags easily blow away when you’re on the beach – something which isn’t likely to make you too popular with the locals. At the same time, full-sized shoulder bags are a little bulky and heavy when all you need to put inside is a book, some sun cream, and a pair of sunglasses. Cotton bags are a perfect happy medium; they’re light enough to make no noticeable increase in the weight of your luggage, but they’re heavy enough not to blow away.


They’re Easy to Pack

It isn’t just the weight of a cotton bag which makes it good for the beach. They’re also very easy to pack. If you think you might need one– for example, if you plan on bringing back some souvenirs – you can just ball one up in your pocket and then take it out when you need it. Of course, if you’re going on a week-long beach holiday, every bit of luggage space is valuable. Luckily, cotton bags take up almost none.

Cotton bags can hold everything you need for sitting on the beach, but they’re light, foldable, and easy to clean – a perfect accessory to the summer sun.