Unlike most other accessories, sunglasses are as fashionable as they are functional, with websites such as Randolph USA being used as a sunglass shoppers playground. While we depend on our sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, we also want them to be trendy and enhance our natural beauty. Because shopping for sunglasses can be so incredibly complex and difficult, we have put together a quick guide to help you choose the right pair of sunglasses.

Health First, Appearance Second

Many of us will try on pair after pair of sunglasses to make sure that they match our face shape and look great. But how many actually bother to check and see that the best-looking pair of sunglasses is a pair which also offers UV protection?

Your primary consideration when choosing sunglasses should be the level of UV light that the lenses are able to protect your eyes from. Most of the sunglasses offered by reputable retailers such as Red Hot Sunglasses (RHS) offer total UV protection, while others may only block 99% or less of all UV light. Read the description of the sunglasses carefully to make sure that your eyes will be fully protected.

Tint Does Not Mean More Protection

Speaking of UV light, keep in mind that a pair of sunglasses that are of a darker tint does not necessarily provide better UV protection than a pair of glasses with a yellow tint. If you need everyday blue light glasses as well, you will need to discuss what colour would be best to block out certain rays, whether that be natural or computer-based.

While we are on the topic of tint, it is important to choose the right tint for your lifestyle and your needs. Grey is a popular and neutral tint which works well in almost every situation. This tint allows your eye to perceive colours in their most natural form, and it reduces glare and brightness too. Your other tint options include:

  • Yellow or Orange Tints: This tint helps make objects appear sharper, though it can cause colour distortion;
  • Amber or Brown Tints: This tint reduces glare and blocks blue light. Amber and brown tints increase contrast, visual acuity, and brighten one’s vision on cloudy days;
  • Green Tints: This tint reduces glare and increases visual sharpness. It, too, can filter some blue light;
  • Red Tints: Also able to block blue light, rose-tinged tints can increase contrast and reduce eye strain.

Don’t Follow Every Trend

When aviator-style sunglasses were on trend a few years back, nearly every man and woman could be seen wearing a pair even when that style was not suitable for their face shape or personality. Regardless of what the hottest trend in the sunglasses industry may be at the moment, the best rule of thumb is to purchase the pair that looks best on your face. The same rule applies when you’re trying to buy sunglasses for kids.

Buy Online if There Is a Returns Policy

Unless you have tried a pair of sunglasses on in a store, then purchasing a pair online may be daunting. Do your research on what style and shape will best match your face shape and go from there. As long as the online shop you purchase from has a great returns policy, you should be able to swap your sunglasses or return them for a full refund. The best companies in the business will even offer free national returns and will track the return at no extra charge.